Tennis Elbow Just Not Getting Better? 5 Simple Self Treatments That Work
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Do you have Tennis Elbow? Is it getting better or worse? Try these 5 simple treatments for yourself and see if you can improve your elbow pain. Bob & Brad will demonstrate them for you, all you need to do is follow along and try them for yourself.

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  1. Huh? I don't have tennis elbow? Oh I have golfers' elbow, the inner muscle….I found your videos on that, thanks!

  2. Had pneumonia in my childhood, still suffering from cough, i had brain tumer surgery been 1yrs past 6mnths,

  3. Thanks Bob & Brad for all the videos that you make to help people. I request you to make a video on 'How to correct Lateral curvature in thoracic spine' / Curvature to the left or right in the thoracic spine.

  4. This was great guys…is there some kind of exercises that would help for a detached bicep? My husband detached his right arm bicep throwing a frisbee last summer…specialist advised operating to reconnect wouldn't help. He also has tendinitis in left arm. Can't go to physio now as they are not practicing during Covid restrictions so this video may help him. Thanks so much!!!

  5. Hi guys, it's been a while for me! I wanted to share my experience of tennis elbow. I do calisthenics and it flared up last summer. After 6 months with no improvement, I started doing hammer curls only with dumbells and also neutral hand position partial pull ups on gymnastic rings from the floor, only lifting as much weight as I allowed. Another one that helped was push ups with my hands touching together on the floor (diamond).
    These are not easy exercises but you can make them easier to begin. Now my tennis elbow is pretty much gone, I found this by accident and maybe it can help others. Thanks for the vids guys!

  6. Mine is excruciating!! From crocheting believe it or not!! Not getting better this time.. woke up and saw the boys posted this video!! Yay 😁🥰

  7. Bob and Brad are amazing and give great treatment advice. I am Howard PHeelgooD, Emmy nominated choreographer and have worked with many celebrities and dance in the industry. I have integrated and included many of your suggestions in the movement and warmup process of my dance work out sessions. Thanks so much!

  8. Hi! Your videos are really helpful for me, specially the rotator cuff ones. I would really like to know about exercises to stabilize the sc joint.
    Big thank you from Brazil

  9. Thanks guys. What about wrist pain when doing push ups and motions like the stretch you did while standing and bending the wrist

  10. Thanks for this episode. I have been having such bad elbow pain that at times I can't even pick up a cup of coffee.

  11. I had chronic tennis and golfer's elbow from sports and work
    PURE CURCUMIN evaporated it in weeks, several years ago
    You're welcome

  12. Cool exercises! I happen to love the mobilization with movement lateral glide- it gets great results!


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