Let’s hinder some players who use the high serve big forehand build in Tennis Clash, a sports game published by Wildlife Studios. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel GamePlays365 and to turn on the bell if you like this video.

More details in the video. Thank you for watching. 🙂

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  1. Have you compared Vik and Kaito at same lvl and w/ same lineup? I don’t think it’s fair anymore. The game overpowered Kaito. First, cuz he already has stamina which is rly important for the game after the update. Second, I was comparing my vik (lvl. 9) and kaito (lvl. 8), and he has stats above 70 and vik doesnt. Even his fh/bh are quite strong. I cannot play vik as baseliner anymore, I have to play high serve, otherwise Im gona just lose.

  2. Good video thanks, I seen I find it easier to beat strong Victoria players after the big update. Yesterday I beat a Vik player with 80 agility, 55 stamina, 77 forehand & 58 backhand. I play with Kaito with 78 agility, 58 forehand, 64 backhand & 55 stamina. This was in T7. I think the issue was that she was playing with Siberian so lost stamina. And her huge forehand consumed stamina faster

  3. Hey
    For everyone hating on the update I’ve been playing for a month now. And I found when I moved down to Lord Torres to try and pick up easy games it’s become harder because of the Torah cabs. To me this is a much better way to do match ups so the advantage of the more experienced players is not in their attributes but in their play. As I said I am a novice just moving from Turer to to three but going back to two or two and one when I am running low on coins it’sMental strategy of tennis

  4. It's easy when you have 60+ hands and 70+ agi. What about tips for those of us without those kinds of stats?

  5. Great videos as always! But except for the ones about the tournament and switching between Kaito and Viktoria, your builds are pretty much the same in recent videos. Would you show other styles of gameplay?

  6. I play with Jonah, high serve and forehand, and if my serve is returned, especially to my backhand, I risk losing the point getting into defensive mode. And on the other hand, I don’t have enough agility to return strong serves against another Jonah or Leo., especially a serve to my backhand. Any suggestions?

  7. You could still fire an ace with your serve stat 👏
    Do you think the court surface affects how balls bounce in TC? Or just cosmetic differences? 🤔

  8. this kind of opponent is my nemesis, my kryptonite 😠.
    so, thanks for making this on the recent patch. I'll learn a bit

  9. Do you change the position of your player when you play against Leo? I find it more difficult to handel. If I go back from the line, I can't return the serve or sometimes my player is taking it as a volley. I don't have that with the other players (try to position it like you do in the video..)


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