Let’s see how to handle volley players having high agility in the Tour 7 of Tennis Clash, a sports game published by Wildlife Studios.

There are several things you can do to handle very agile volley players:

1) Hit big forehands (or backhands) as powerfully as possible towards the two corners of the baseline.

Choose your preferred corner and hit your best stroke towards this area. Don’t mind about the side where your opponent is weak because most of the time, all those super agile volley players have very weak forehand and backhand so they will have a very hard time countering your big forehand/backhand.

2) On the serve of your opponent, try and return a soft cross court forehand/backhand (depending here again on your best hand) to surprise him (because he generally expects you to hit a forehand down the line instead, which is an easier shot to execute).

You can see in my video that in most situations, Diana or Kaito will be positioned so as to cut your down the line forehand or backhand, and not to anticipate a cross court hit. That’s mainly because it’s harder to hit a cross court than a down the line stroke.

3) Hit the ball to make it land as close to the sidelines as possible. Whether you choose to hit a cross court winner as explained previously, or a powerful forehand down the sideline, just try and make this straight and fast swipe that will make the ball land very close to the sideline (either side).

4) Hit simple drop shots if you don’t want to hit soft cross court drop shots. It’s important those drop shots fall behind the net before the volley player arrives at the net, so as to force her to play with her FH or BH instead of volleying. Then, once she has hit her FH or BH, just follow up with a strong return to very probably win the point.

5) After the big update of 07.05.2020, handling volley players having high agility is not as tricky as before. However, you should choose at least the Maestro Multi to have some stamina shield and if you don’t want to waste a Joker Cord (which is more expensive in the store).

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  1. Like with the baseliner you have really good anticipations. Nice comeback from 1-6 by the way, I think your opponent was mad after that 😀

  2. My man, you have been going up in trophies immensly – glad to see that! 😀
    This video was actually interesting, because in Tour6 at 1200 you see like 1 volley player every 100 matches ^^
    Now I understand though, why still so many people play that style.
    The only thing I always wonder is how they bridged Tour6 and 7 before they had all the necessary Volley cards on a sufficient level?

    Keep going and I am looking forward to those Tour8 matches.

  3. Woah, for now the first match is the most impressive one I've ever seen on your channel! Playing against a beast player with such a huge comeback! Last week I pulled off a comeback from 1:6 too but it was due to the connection problem that I lost first 4 points and my stats were better than my opponent. Clearly isn't as impressive.

  4. Are you practicing w/ kaito now? I usually swipe depth and fast against volley players, but I’ve neva played against such high agility.

  5. Kaito is not the best choice, for sure. But the cross court drop shot is really helpful, and unfortunately, easy to miss, especially with only one strong (FH). I find that using Toro Twine works well for the single forehand for a stronger passing shot. Btw, I placed 36 in Rookie, 119 points, +63, got a Florence and Patriot, 26k. I’m 50/50 whether I enjoy it or not….

  6. Oh man, what a comeback!
    Soft cross court works for me against volley player, and sometimes a loft over his head. But the again, I've never faced an opponent with that high of an agility and volley. But your method works the best!

  7. I get in the mood to play as well when I watch your videos. but now I lose all the time so what's the use. no matter how high my agility and stamina are, usually in the 40s because of the capping, every shot my opponent hits is a winner. I wish they would do something about this. stuck on tour 3 with 0 trophies. can't win so I can't unlock tour 4.

  8. Your 1st match was really impressive, I would give up earlier. It seems that many players don't like playing with volley players.

  9. Whenever I watched your videos I feel like playing… But when I open my Tennis Clash on my phone it's different due to low stats…the feeling is different.


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