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Tennis Clash Hot Fix 13/05/2020 | What Has Been Fixed | With Commentary.
There have been 3 issues that Tennis Clash looked into after receiving feedback from players and they released a Hot Fix and they I will take you through the issues they have solved 😊 And I’d love to know if you see any difference after these fixes, so be sure to leave a comment down below 👇👌 And please be sure to leave a like and Subscribe for more and ring the bell for daily video notifications 🎾 And please be sure to check out my channel for other videos such as tips, tricks, gameplays and more 😊 Thank you and enjoy 🎾😎💪

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  1. I can confirm now that there's been one player who's told me that he still got his game frozen today so it looks like it's still happening to some players 🤔 What are your thoughts about the fixes? 😁 I hope I've explained it well enough to you all and please be sure to leave a like and Subscribe for more and ring the bell for daily video notifications 🎾😎 And please be sure to check out my channel for other videos such as tips, tricks, gameplays and more 😊 Thank you and enjoy 😁😎🎾

  2. Thank you for fixing that crash – it happened a few times a week and it was crazy – you would run around, get tired, and that was all you could do unless you quit and gave them the game or they quit. I found out if you win a lot at a certain level (tour 4 in my case) the game seems to compensate and bring a lot harder players – like people all capped with straight 9s. Then I still get destroyed until I lose enough games, my rating falls enough, and I start getting people my level again (between 7 and 9 on all cards). I guess that is how it balances out. Still, much preferred to playing people on a max of 9 as that gives me something to aim for – but it will take a long time to get any cards to that level it seems. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Do you now what could be the reason why my return ball keeps on hitting the net considering I swipe it fast? Is that a bug?

  4. I have reach to tour mascow
    But now I’m loading maximum matches and I’m losing my coins you mean coz each game is for 20K. Plz suggest something

  5. My agility wasn't increased. My backhand was decreased and my forehand was increased. I've played similar games to this, like Golf Clash so I know not to advance too quickly. So I stick to Tours 1 and 2. Before last weeks update, I couldn't even compete in Tour 2. Now it plays a bit better and having a special string isn't an automatic win.

    For the people in the other comments complaining about cash, don't rush. Stick to a Tour you can win in and be efficient with your bags. Open all the small bags while you're awake and then open the big bags while you sleep.

    Anyway, before this update, my Agility was around 30, Stamina was 19, Forehand was 22 and backhand was 19. Forehand is now 26 and backhand is 15. Basically using tour 1 and 2 equipment, that's the best you can hope for in regards to stats with the cap at level 5 for Tour 1

  6. I just played junior qualifier tournament. Every match in qualifier opponent had strings. Most of the guys had high tour level 7 items. Junior tour not worth entering unless you have a level 7 Vic with high tournament level 7 items

  7. Regarding the agility / stamina, the hotfix says that it allows agility to work and slow down stamina degradation, but I didn't notice anything different. The high agility only helps kaito who has the highest agility and can make the most use of the agility. For everyone else, you're still forced to use strings to maintain agility. The serves are fine, since that is only thing that can keep away a 70+ agi kaito. Nothing else will work, even then, kaito can get to it without issue. The only problem that they've made worse is that high agility kaito is even higher! As if 74 agi wasn't enough, now it needs to boost to 78 agi?!? Might as well make it 100 agi while they're at it and give him 100 stamina on top. And force everyone else to use strings just to keep up. You can't counter the serve by making kaito's agility even higher. He was and is already godly. I haven't seen any kaito with issue against my high serve. I just have issue with the quickly degrading stamina, it's way too fast.

  8. I've had two freezes since the updates which I love. Kaito works well again for me on tours 5 & 6 but otherwise gets overpowered by big servers & 1 handed players on lower tours which is nuts. He should be able to get balls, or have decent returns regardless of the tour. Damn Leo's serve is damn near invincible. Lol.
    Great video as always!

  9. I don't think serve is ridiculous at all… my high serve build is even less effective after this hotfix and today my win rate is less than 50% for the first time.

  10. Great explanations my friend. Fix works great for me, and I started collecting back thropies I've lost and opened up t6 again. Great job TC and good job my friend👍👍👍

  11. hey my freind ty for the video and for explinaton of the hot fixes i saw the dev said they fixed the match freeze but i saw in the group facebook so many players saying its still freezing specially at higher tours and i am happy that they buff the agility now my kaito will be stronger 🙂

  12. After the last change, I'll admit that when I saw the notification about a new update, for the first time I was more scared than excited. As to the changes, I feel like we need to wait more to say if the freezing problem improved. The speed, I think, has decreased a bit. I played against 70 FH today and it didn't feel like UFO any more. As to agility, I'm glad it has increased, I played a few matches today and they did feel better, it WAS easier to catch the ball and actually play instead of just point for hit kind of thing.

    You know, it'd be cool if the game offered a way to get rid of those unnecessary cards, like maybe sell it to other players or exchange it for gems or other cards ingame or something. I have thousands of some of the cards that Im not interested in and I really NEED some of the other cards that are a rarity to get for free

  13. Is it me or do you have to plough s**t loads of cash in to this to get up to any standard ? RIP off really .

  14. One thing you can't say is that the developers aren't trying. For better or worse, has there ever been an app game in which the developers have been so responsive so often to the community feedback? Good luck in tournament man. My equipment is finally good enough- I'm going to play Junior for 1st time. Maybe I'll end up in your bracket 😉


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