Hitting a backhand with slice should add control, but it will also make the ball fly lower over the net and land deeper in the court. Find out more about how to hit a slice backhand with our technique guide….

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  1. Tennis is a lot like golf in spin factors. I see people saying here that a slice in tennis goes too high for them. Well, backspin normally makes a ball rise, as we know in golf, so the ball will tend to go higher over the net than a ball hit with overspin, since overspin makes the ball dive. A slice is kind of a saving shot, when you can't make a move properly, so therefore to keep the ball in play and keep the match going, you hit a backspin slice so that you can at least keep the ball over the net. I don't play tennis but that seems to be the only explanation as why one would hit a slice in tennis, because knowing some of the rules personally, I know when you serve the ball it has to land on a certain part of the court in order for it to count, so overspin is necessary. A slice to me is a saving shot

  2. This is one of the greatest videos and instructions on backhand slice! With this, watch and analyze Roger Federer's ones. That's all for backhand slice. This is my conclusion.

  3. Wrist is wrong. Dont move the wrist when slicing the ball. It makes the ball unstable. Most of the pro bend their wrist when they slice.

  4. His shoulder pulls too much 'across' his body, from left to right.  Should be trying to stay turned longer in the follow through.

  5. everytime I slice from the baseline I always miss the ball can someone tell me what im doing wrong? am I swinging too fast? because I can hit any other stroke fine

  6. I know what your doing wrong, if you want a low driving slice you have to technically drive slightly downward. having slice on the ball makes it rise so in order for it to stay low you must drive through it and slightly downward. If you are still having issue you might wanna check your grip. Watch Andy Murray's slice in slow motion, or Roger Federer both have good slice's.


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