Table tennis training video to kick-off 2018! Please let us know if you want to see more table tennis training, tutorial or similar kind of videos besides from trick shots!
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Pongfinity is a Finnish table tennis trick shot team. We try to use a lot of creativity to come up with totally new kind of content. You might have seen some of our previous videos including the amazing table tennis trick shots -serie, table tennis on ice, extinguishing a candle with a ping pong shot, opening a coke with a ping pong shot, epic ping pong trick shots, table tennis trick serves, Top 10 table tennis trick shots, table tennis with special items and Ping Pong vs Hydraulic Press Channel.


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  1. Kicking off 2018 with a new type of video! Many of you wanted to see us play some "real" table tennis so we decided to record a normal kind of training session! Do you guys want to see more training videos – some specific exercises or maybe tutorials? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

  2. Guys do check it my quarantine time table tennis trickshot video and encourage me
    It will be worthy of watching..
    Please like, share and subscribe

  3. It would be very good if you make different videos where you show different training possibilities for beginner, for these players who play good and for players who are very good and play over many years
    Thanks Guys
    You are phenomenal


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