This video is a gift to my subscribers for World Table Tennis Day (April 6th).

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Congratulations, @ahmadsyifulazharom on winning this week’s $100 giveaway!

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I play for andro and my equipment is:

Forehand Rubber – RASANTER V42 Red –
Backhand Rubber – RASANTER V42 Black –
Updated Version Of My Blade – Treiber CO –
Glue –
Balls I Use (Tournament Quality) –
Retractable Table Tennis Net –


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  1. If we PASS 500,000 SUBSCRIBERS by the end of July 31, 2020, 2 lucky subscribers who COMMENTED, LIKED and SHARED this video will each get an andro blade, two rubbers of their choice PLUS a signed "BOBROW" andro shirt. 8>) Post as many comments as you want on ANY of my videos from 2020. The more likes your comment has, the better your chances. So make some fun and positive comments. Enjoy! 8>)

  2. Hi you are my idol, I hope one time you come to Malaysia and meet me at a state name perlis

  3. Well
    I always think how do you earn money when you spent all your time visiting different countries
    Anyone having same thought😂

  4. Mr. Adam you make ping pong game fun and healthy.I like to learn your snake serve and return.Are you use special rubber to do that?

  5. oh man. they let u play on supertree grove bridge? man i wasnt allowed to stay on there for more than 10 mins ._.


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