To celebrate my dog Flip being cancer free I bought him 100 GIANT Tennis Balls. Wait until you see how excited he gets when he sees they are all for him!

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Flip was recently diagnosed with a tumor. I was really worried when I found out it was cancerous and for weeks he wasn’t feeling well. But the good news is that his surgery went well and he is now cancer free! So to celebrate I wanted to do something very special for him and surprise him. Flip is one funny dog but most boxers are. Boxer dogs are some goofy fun loving dogs. What I love about this video the most is how Kobe the blind puppy we are fostering from Reversed Rescue also loves the 100 giant tennis balls. He may not be able to see them but he still knows we are having fun and loves dog toys just as much as any other dog. Zoey on the other hand just wanted her small tennis ball. Haha. Rescue dogs are some of the best dogs out there!

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  1. My dog had cancer too he didn’t make it though😥. Good job flip! Yay flip!!! Like if you are proud of flip and his care. Kobe is so cute!

  2. Your videos are stupid and you probably only do these videos for cash that you get from little kids sympathy

  3. Love your blind dog mine was 17 and he just got old and his legs did not work as well he was still my dog that is like any other dog but unfortunately he fell in our pool in our brand new house and we think he had a heart attack


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