Learn the secrets to proper serving in both deuce and ad courts from Sportskool tennis coach Brad Gilbert.

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  1. Not sure why I'm just now able to see these amazing videos?? I have searched tennis instruction many times but this has never popped up. This is EXACTLY what my 16-year-old needs to see. Thank you!! Love all the visuals!! Wish her luck in the upcoming UTR event!!

  2. thx brad i love you i won 6-1 today based on your tactics but i am 6.0 level i did alot of different things but your tips helped me get some tough points ps if we ever played id 6-0 you no mercy.

  3. Lucky to have former top USA player Brad Gilbert here for the world of learning from him, just by watching him, we can learn the right technique, body balance while he moves of course the serve lesson. Thank you very much.

  4. The most important thing on the second serve is to have a continental or full backhand grip and toss slightly more to the left (for a right hand server) than the first serve and keep the tossing hand up as long as possible. Hit the ball at 2 or 3 o'clock to get plenty of spin. A little variety on how much spin can make the second serve more effective.

    Also, hit most of the second serves to returners backhand or in the body. If the returner leans too far and seems to run around the backhand often, then you want to hit some to the forehand side on the second serve.

  5. The server should also take into consideration how close to the baseline the receiver stands. For instance in the deuce court, if the receiver stands close to the baseline, they are more vulnerable to the in-the-body serve or down the middle serve. If they are standing a little back, the heavy slice serve out wide works better. If the receiver then adjusts by standing closer to the baseline, then the server should hit some in the body or down the T serves.

  6. Wrong definition. Slice serve: the ball is spinning sideways. It can't spin backwards unless you undercut it like the club ladies in the lower grades do when serving, and you don't want that because it limits pace. Sideways spin imparts sideways movement, which is what you want.

  7. Where do you run to after the serve? I can frequently get close to the net but then I get lobbed. If I get to close to the line I get passed cross court and if I'm in the middle I get passed down the line.

  8. dude, you make a great point and I'm just thinkin' out loud a bit here – wasn't quite sure what it meant to be setting the terms of the rally by having the pleasure of serving until now, or at least I get it a bit better now because, especially when it comes to the serve and volley, as you say, the type of serve you hit is going to dictate to a certain extent the possible returns your opponent has available – this is one way the server is able to dictate the terms of the rally, beyond the possibility of hitting an ace or unnerving the opponent/setting them off balance


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