Please watch: “5 Goals No One Would Believe If They Weren’t Recorded / Football Highlights HD”
This is BT sports footage I do not own this footage



  1. People who are trolling for him crying in getting red crd.. do u wnna know y he cried ..cuz he loves football dat much with his heart

  2. Zavist i ljubomora na djelu,kakvo odvratno ponašanje. JADNICI,a Ronaldu mogu samo kopačke čistiti i mastati o takvome zivotu kakav ima hahaha

  3. 2:14 People really hate him a lot

    But I think this red card was pathetic… He was innocent, an yellow card would have been better

  4. The raphree is fucking gys he was also saw a ronLdo and Messi and giving little red card any reason beacause raphree hate ronaldo

  5. Sucks that BT sport official channel removed this from youtube. Thanks for uploading though, I like Ronaldo but still this is hilarious to watch 😂


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