21 years old Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Gabriel Batistuta and George Weah provided plenty of fancy footwork, slick passes and both goals for the FIFA World All-Stars vs Italy’s national team in an exhibition match commemorating the centennial of the Italian Football Federation ..
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Disclaimer, i bought all the matches and made the video all by myself including this one.

Italian Federation Centenary Match – Italy v FIFA World Stars
FIFA XI 2-6 Italy
Rome, 16/12/1998 (FIGC (Italian Football Association) Centenary)
Stadio Olimpico – Ref.: Remi Harrel (France)
Att.: 21.352
(between brackets the country from each player):
Gianluca Pagliuca [Italy]
(Ike Shorunmu) [Nigeria]
Zé Maria [Brazil]
David Nyathi [South Africa]
Fernando Hierro [Spain]
(Hidetoshi Nakata) [Japan]
Dunga [Brazil]
(João Pinto) [Portugal]
Aron Winter [Netherlands]
(Julen Guerrero) [Spain]
George Weah [Liberia]
Rui Costa [Portugal]
(Luis Hernandez) [Mexico]
Ronaldo [Brazil]
(Davor Suker) [Croatia]
Zinedine Zidane [France]
(Oliver Bierhoff) [Germany]
Gabriel Batistuta [Argentina]
(Marcelo Salas) [Chile]
Coaches: Carlos Alberto Parreira [Brazil] and Jozef Venglos [Slovakia]
Italy: Peruzzi (Buffon), Panucci, Maldini (Pessotto), D. Baggio (Tommasi) – Nesta (Negro),
Cannavaro (Torricelli), Fuser, Albertini (Cois), Inzaghi (Delvecchio) – Di Francesco (Bachini),
Totti (Chiesa).
Goals: Inzaghi, Batistuta, Weah, Di Francesco, Fuser, Chiesa (3)

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  1. Look the 21y old Ronaldo and now compare to a 28y old Neymar, this is ridiculous, Neymar has a mind of 16y old teenager. As Brazilian, he is an insult to our legends. Uncomparable.

  2. La mejor etapa de Ronaldo no fue en el real madrid. Fue en el F.C. Barcelona, mucho antes que se fuera para el inter.

  3. todos fascinados com Ronaldo. Zidane jogando de terno. jorge weha, que absurdo de jogador, jogava muito. batistuta, um dos melhores atacantes que ja vi… que prazer

  4. Batistuta & boldy Ronaldo match made in heaven… Maybe it is illegal to play them together lol Batiogol famous for breaking Goalkeepers hand rest in his carrear lol

  5. Back then when we were young watching all these Legends playing football was fun to watch unlike now is just a business it's no longer entertaining

  6. Sayang tidak keliatan susunan line up, jadi tidak tau batasan legend/super starnya spt apa..?? Aku lihat ada Hierro, Dunga & Davor Super, tapi aku tidak lihat & tidak dengar nama Luis Figo, Sheva, Cantona, Boban, Jurgen Klinsmann, Jurgen Kohler, Lizarazu atau pun Roberto Carlos.


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