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  1. Chang has this sheer desire to win and fight every point even Federer was the better player. This is something missing in our so called new next gen players.

  2. The Infamous Chang…. he was not a tennis player. He was the shame of the tennis: no honour in his game.

  3. Loved Chang, and though he had a pretty good game for clay….except for perhaps the first 5-6 games Federer was already in GOAT mode (though it would take a few more years to set the standard).

  4. I remember watching Federer 2000-2002 and each time I said wow such a beautiful style and if this guy puts everything together he will a phenomenal talent.

  5. At that point in his career Chang had been slowing down maybe half a step from the footspeed he once had from 1989 to `98, but it cost him dearly in ranking (he used to be no. 2 behind Sampras for quite some time) and in winning major titles (his last coming from 1997´s Indian Wells). Federer on the other hand was far away from his best, too, shown in quite a number of strange shot selections – his biggest problem in the early years of his career – not highlighted in this video. From 2002´s Hamburg title on, pieces were falling into place for Federer. – Anyway, thanks for the great upload and the memories. 🙂

  6. My two cent – Roger is tennis smart. he is always one shot ahead. he constructs a point and makes most of his points as winner instead of opponents unforced error. that's a sign of a great champion. Nadal and Novak are wall and they exhaust opponents with cross court base shot and force opponent to make an error. Federer constructs a point and hit winners. That will be a sad day when he retires, i really don't enjoy watching Nadal, Novak and other top ten.


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