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  1. Agassi lacked Novaks sliding back hand.otherwise would have been different story against Federers off forehand that teared through Agassis defense.

  2. Technical differences; his backhand was average, his forehand was above average, and his serve was a little better than average. Today, ALL of them are exceptional. If anything, his biggest issue today is that he is getting older and doesn't hit it as big as he did in 2019/2018. But it is STILL way above what we see here.

  3. It's pretty weird watching Fed back then. He went from a decent player who might win a Slam to untouchable magician in 2 years. It isn't even an attitude or confidence change, a lot of technical aspects to his game improved markedly. I don't feel like he's talked about it much but I hope he does one day.

  4. LMFAO at these idiots claiming Agassi and Sampras wouldnt stand a chance against the big 3 LMFAO!!!! Are you people 13 years old? Did you just start watching tennis in 2014? You sound like total morons. Agassi in his prime would wipe the floor with Nadal on hardcourts. Sampras in his prime would serve Federer off the court on grass. Agassi would love to play Djokovic and run him side to side. You clowns do realize Agassi and Sampras played in a MUCH TOUGHER ERA than the "big 3". The only reason the "big 3" exists is because the rest of their competition has been utter trash. When fuckin Wawrinka and Andy Myurray are considered their big rivals that is EMBARRASSING. Theres a reason Federer did jack shit from 1999-2003. The depth was deeper. The depth in mens tennis post 2006 is total shit. Its 3 players and a bunch of bums. Andy Roddick for a couple years? Del Potro? Wawrinka? Murray? In the 90s/early 2000s, there were 10 Andy Murray type of players. From 1990-2005 Agassi and Sampras had to deal with Courier, Chang, Boris Becker, Edberg, Ivan Lendl, Patrick Rafter, Gustavo Kuerten, Marat Safin, Carlos Moya, Kafelnikov, Ivanisevic, Henman, etc……..If Agassi and Sampras played in the same era as the big 3 this entire time, the big 3 would not have half the slams they have and it would be the big 5……Oh yeah and Agassi is BY FAR the best returner in the game. He played against Sampras and Becker and Phillipoussis. 3 of the biggest servers to ever live. What monster servers has Djoker gone up against? The 2 times Djoker played Kyrgios, Kyrgios served his ass off the court both times and embarrassed him. get a fuckin clue and get educated. Tennis existed before 2010

  5. This was a great win for Agassi, it's hard to believe just one year later that Federer would elevate to such a high level. With all respect to the big 3 now and Agassi and Sampras (though I never could stand him) I think it's hard to really say who would have had trouble with who. But I will say this, I don't see Agassi and definitely Sampras giving Nadal any trouble on clay, I mean lets look at all the French Open's he won, I mean seriously, is there really a doubt, let's be realistic. As for grass, I'd say Federer, Sampras and Djokovic battling it out. I still give the edge to Federer he did end Sampras' chance at 8 wimbledons (which Sampras won the year before). Australian open, pretty much Djokovic with Federer not far behind. As for the US Open, that one I think would be pretty much up for grabs, but I'll give that edge to Agassi taking the ball early.

  6. How this guy still wants to play today? His whole life was on courts. 2002 in Miami final with Agassi, 2019 again with Isner 😀 Federer has seen 3 generations in tennis. Andi who s Djokovic and Nadal dealing with in their early 30s today? Federer was dealing with peak Djokovic, Nadal and Murray in his early 30s. Greatness is something else.

  7. The court was so fast back then. Andre hit rising ball very well. Roger still young but showed some special shots.

  8. Why is it best of five in the finals, and why did they change it? Seems like a cool concept for major/master finals.

  9. How on earth agassi felt good hiting groundstrokes ON THE FUKING BASELINE. EVERY. TIME. Hes literally ok with returning balls that are 60 miles per hour on his feet.

  10. Es torneo era de rios …lo masacro en el primer set de semis a agassi como siempre pero se tuvo que retirar

  11. his forehand was different much more open-stanced, backhand different, serve different… and I noticed he was much slower at that time… what an improvement over the years


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