Roger Federer Serve Analysis – Tennis Serve Lesson.
In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov will analyse Roger Federer’s tennis serve technique in great detail.
Federer has one of, if not the best tennis serve in history and there are a few fundamental things that all of us can implement from his serve.
These include:
1. Using the continental grip for your tennis serve
2. Having a good, consistent ball toss that is placed in the same spot time and time again, no more than 6 inches above the point of contact
3. Reaching a good trophy position but not pausing in that shape for too long
4. A good explosive leg drive to make contact at the highest spot possible
5. A relaxed follow through and finish



  1. Tennis Serve Lesson with worlds fastest server –

  2. excellent explanation, I have already seen some of your training but this is the most engaging, thanks for that one

  3. Hey Simon! I wanted to ask if the serve analysis if applicable for all heights , or it might be a bit difficult or different for shorter players, somewhere around 5'7-5'8 inch players. And if it's different, then please suggest a solution for shorter players in case of serve. Will help alot. Thanks!

  4. Hi Simon, when he takes his racket back does he do it taking the racket/hand paralel or perpendicular to the baseline? Thanks!

  5. Simon, outstanding analysis! For the toss, how do you make the ball go into the court when the toss is along the baseline?

    I tried to toss along the baseline, but the ball would always end up directly over the baseline while my body was leaning into the court so the toss was way behind me.

  6. One of the best videos in how to serve. It’s a bonus that the serve example is of Federer. Well done and look forward to many more

  7. i believe federer has the most effortless and technically sound serve BUT i think i will have the best serve in the future with the help of your thoughtful technical analysis and hard work 🙂 thanks guys for your passion for tennis and helpful content!

  8. Thanks again for another great lesson Simon. I'm finally feeling connected and thus more confident in the upper body part of my serve. It's now time to incorporate my legs into my serve. I was never sure when to begin the knee bend, but I think I have a pretty good notion now. I agree with German re.: the best servers. Although I'd add Navratilova.

  9. Thanks so much for the videos! One quick question if possible. When I serve for a little while I start to get some pain in my elbow. Do you have any tips or reasons for it? Am I not following through enough? Or perhaps too tense in my arm? The tennis elbow does not flare up when only doing ground strokes. Thanks so much your time once again!

  10. I think Rodger's 1st serve percentage is erratic & too often dips into low numbers. I wants herd him say in a post match interview, " My 1st serve was working today ! " sort of as if he was unsure of it ! I think, for him, he lacks confidence with it. At his age it's deflating to watch him miss so many 1st serves when he has an opponent who's in their 20s & Rodger has to work hard physically to get the point Yes his 2nd serve is very consistent & well placed but if he had some of Pete Sampras's higher confidence & higher 1st serve % he'd make things much easier for himself – at 37.

  11. Thanks for the amazing tip. The part we're you explained the leg drive to start the racket drop is so important to even help you stay loose, and even timing.


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