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  1. The only "unbelievable" thing Fedshit did was losing Wimbledon 2019. Perhaps the biggest humiliation ever in sports.

  2. Federer has given us memories which will stay with us forever. I guess that's what sports is all about. The statistics will change with time.
    Today Federer has 20GS, Nadal probably will go past him and Djokovic may be will go past both. Sometime in the future, somebody else will rewrite the record books.
    It's the unforgettable moments which will last a lifetime.
    Each person will have their own favourite, mine is Rafael Nadal. But Roger Federer is irreplaceable.

  3. This guy looks talented, in my opinion he would win 20 Gs until 2020, until 2022 perhaps 22 Grand Slams, he retires in 2024 with 24 Grand Slams!😂so talented, incredible, only one!

  4. There is certain gracefulness in every shot from Federer and even more humbleness in every shot he wins. Djoko comes pretty close. Personally for me the single handed backhand tips the scale for Federer. Such a beauty to watch.

  5. If anyone ever wonders whats the biggest reason for Federer to be the most popular tennis player of all time …. show them this video.

    Only Fed can do those things.

  6. シビれる!

  7. I love the super-high-res on some of the clips! I’ve never seen that Gulbis point in such high clarity before. And seeing the detail in Roger’s thicc eyebrows as he does his magic is an added bonus!


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