Roger Federer Backhand Slow Motion 2019 – Court Level View Tennis One Handed Backhand Technique.
Roger Federer One Handed Tennis Backhand Technique has made him one of the best single handers of all time on the ATP Tour. He possesses an incredible amount of spin and power while staying precise with the ability to hit difficult targets when on the run. Roger Federer Training videos always attract attention as players look to recreate his tennis technique and Federer drills. This video provides you with a Federer Slow Motion Backhand for Federer Backhand Grip and deep technical analysis.

Does Federer have the best one-handed backhand in the world?

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  1. Each backhand shown here is microscopic differently he plays. Watch the last slice as video ends. Roger mama, chinchav pho.

  2. When I swing my backhand like this the ball clears the net powerfully by a few inches. The wire net that goes around the courts I mean. 🤩

  3. Great footwork and trunk rotation, at 1:26 he’s almost got his entire back to the opponent similar to Gasquet…quite an advanced technique as the timing, in this case, has to be perfect. notice also how coiled his wrist is on the take–back; this allows him to get even more top-spin as he supinates the wrist right before contact with the ball.

  4. Serene, I have a playlist called Roger Federer, this one is the pick of that list.
    Absolutely loved it, no sound just pure Federer action all the way.

  5. Note how Roger holds and positions the center of his racquet with his left hand through the entire motion backward and forward until he's just about to strike the ball, all the time watching the ball.

  6. You all may not notice: actually his recket not moving!!….. His shoulder that moved!!!!. The trick is ….. if the ball come left, right shoulder come FORWARD!!, Ball at right, shoulder left come FORWARD!!

  7. So unique how he keep the face open on the take back, sometimes it's hard to tell if he's going to hit top or slice.


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