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  1. 15+ years of this intensity…*insert coffin dance* 😂😂 without a doubt two of the most physical specimens to showcase this awesome sport. Unforgettable match of the highest quality, toe to toe against a prime Nadal on Clay 😳 absolutely brutal but brilliant match by both 👏👏

  2. A dia de hoy no se quien fue el niño que se fue a saludar a Nadal, de cierta manera da cringe pero el niño debio estar feliz de haber visto ganar a nadal.
    El partido es de lejos uno de los mejores de la historia pero la cosa es como batallaron como locos en ese partido, creo que mal que mal esa derrota le sirvio a Nole para refinar el juego ante Nadal.

  3. I could see this like a million times. What an epic match. More than 4h for a 3 ser match. Amazing!!!!

  4. So best 3-set match when you have Federer vs. Del Potro Olympics 2012?? There are some other crazy great 3-setters as well

  5. what the hell is wrong with this commnet section. Instead of appreciating an epic match people are calling djokovic chokovic and all

  6. nadal should have rested more after the australian open 2009,he should have skipped miami and indian wells

  7. Amazing match!!!! Both deserved to win!!!! I wish Nole had won but Rafa just took control after the match points!!!! Idemooo Nole!!!! Vamos Rafa!!!!

  8. I disagree the best 3 set match in my opinion was between Roger and Nick in Miami 2017 that was EPIC 🤙🤙🤙🎾🎾🎾🎾😎😎

  9. I really don't get what kind of public goes to watch the matches… Like 12:10 Djokovic stop the play cause the ball was out and chair umpire confirms it but no public has to oppose everything thing Djokovic does!!!🤦🏼‍♂️

  10. Nadal was not respecting his body back then in the beginning of 2009..he played mubadala then doha and then played in Australia and won tough back to back 5 sets..and then he didn’t rest well and decided to play indoors in rotterdam where he played tough matches against tsonga,dimitrov and monfils before losing the final against murray (6-0 final set..he had some pain in his knee) he then played indian wells won the title saving match points against nalbandian and lost in Miami in the quarters to delpo in a tough 3 set match…he played a full clay season having only one week to prepare after miami..won montecarlo and barcelona back to back and took again one week rest before winning in rome and reached the madrid final and played the amazing 4 hours match against novak in the semis and in the final he lost to Federer easily he had no tank that was natural that he got injured in the french and skipped wimbledon he wasn’t treating his body well even at 23 years old he was at his peak he could have skipped for example rotterdam and miami and barcelona and focused more on what matters the most the slams !!

  11. Nadal and his craziness in 2009, having all these 4 hour and 5 hour epics. Not to mention those three setters in Rotterdam following that epic AO campaign spanning almost 10 hours in his last two matches there, surviving against Nalbandian at Indian Wells from double break down and MPs down. And a few more before this one. Basically ruined his season…

  12. I think this match was essentially what helped roger win the RG that year. He beat rafa the next day and gained more confidence on clay by doing so which helped massively in RG.

  13. The majority of the early action was happening on Rafa's serve. To imagine Novak was having easier service games on clay against Rafa. Great match. Really intense

  14. Man crazy how this was more than 10 years ago, it was the first full clay court match i watched. Both guys rely more on their physicality and defense back in the days, crazy how both their games just got even more complete after this

  15. The Classico is awesome. The nullities perform all their skills and durability. And a crazy ending. Difficult to defeat Rafa soil dirt.

  16. 2009…and i remember this match like it was yesterday…
    These people Rafa, Nole, RF still ballin' in 2020. What a legends.


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