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  1. Early into his career, the Spaniard was diagnosed with a growth-related defect called Kohler's feet. When he was 17, in 2004, it was discovered that the navicular bone in his foot had not completely ossified when he was a baby. It was causing pain and swelling during playing sessions.

    People keep talking about Roger's longetivity. We will see how many slams Rafa wins when he is 38 blah blah. I want to see how many slams Roger would have won with a Kohler's feet defect. Rafa is 100 times the player Roger can ever be. Missing so many slams, tournaments, weeks & months due to injuries and still only one slam less than Roger in a much shorter time, having played fewer slams, having his career overlapped with 2 players who are better than him in 2 out of 3 surfaces.

    Rafa is the GOAT.

  2. Can you guys stop ass licking these top players, holy shit…. Make some interesting videos for once, we've all seen this match and highlights before, it's out there, easily accessible, ffs. Make highlights from matches we haven't seen before or are difficult to access. You guys are shit. No doubt I'll get some sheep comment on this, how I'm in the wrong and whatnot lmao

  3. One thing that’s funny about these matches is that thiem never seems to have the upper hand in the rallies but somehow sneaks out break points.


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