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  1. This was an amazing final. Most tennis fans of the 2010s don’t even realize that the Masters Madrid was played on indoor harcourt for the first 7 years of its existence…much less that Rafa won it (his SECOND Masters title on Hardcourt that year…as he won the Masters Canada in July by beating Agassi in the Finals. He also reached the Miami Finals, losing to Fed in a great 5-set Final). The point is, Rafa has been playing great on and WINNING big Hardcourt tournaments since 2005. He could ALWAYS play on Hardcourts

  2. Nadal is the greatest young player ever in tennis. This is the day we knew about his mental strength. Both Nole and RF needed time to become outstanding players but Nadal became an outstanding player right away. At this year he won a staggering 11 titles damn. He beat Agassi at Coupe De Rogers. He beat Federer at French. Lost Miami by a stupid ref call otherwise he would have won. Boris is a close 2nd but Nadal is the greatest young player ever! Vamos!!

  3. Ljubicic was unfortunate that this was played in Madrid. But he was fortunate in that this was a hard court. He should have won this in straight sets, but Nadal just would not give up. I wonder whether Ljubicic ever recovered from this match in his career… At some point he was very critical of Nadal for various reasons; he even became a kind of coach to Federer…

  4. Rafa never ceases to amaze me! Almost 19, he was tough-as-nails as he is today. I had forgotten Madrid was on hard courts. And the best of five sets! Two-thousand five was the start of a beautiful journey for the man from Mallorca 🏆.

  5. What a mental strength from that 19 year old boy. What’s his name by the way? Did he won any roland garros?

  6. Nadal has been mentally strong throughout his career regardless of age. Djokovic developed this strength with age and experience. Overall, Nadal is the strongest in this department.

  7. Watching this video, I have realized that Nadal plays as hard as now as he did when he started out. The fire in him is still burning brightly even after all these years. Vamos, Nadal!

  8. Funny how a weak era player like Ljubicic couldn't beat Nadal when he was a nobody outside clay, but managed to beat him when he was peaking on HC

    Something wrong Rafafans no?

  9. This shows how weak that 2004-2007 period really was. Ljubicic was really no big deal, it's embarassing that Nadal as a clay court specialst at that time beat his ass on hardcourts lmao. 2004-2007 definetly weaker than post 2008 and Blake,Roddick,Hewitt,Nalbandian < Murray,Wawrinka,Delpo,Cilic,Berdych,Thiem,Medvedev

  10. Everyone talks about Federer's 2005-06-07 season..but Rafa had won 11 titles in 2005 more than his prime form years 2010 and 2013

  11. Classic Nadal. If Plan A doesn't work, persist with it and try harder – absurd how he can raise his level

  12. Ljubicic was a Nadal hater, he didn't want to shake hands with Nadal after the match, which is a very unsportsmanlike action.

  13. Ljubicic was done seriously dirty by Lars Graf in this one. Similar defeat to Berdych in the Paris final weeks later, must've been a big hangover from this one

  14. What an astonishing and elegant touch at the net from Ljubicic. Now I understand why Federer has increasingly improved his net skills.

  15. That's Nadal's only big indoor title of his career… no big indoor title 2006-present (Masters, World tour finals).

  16. And than say Federer is champion of weak era ? Nadal reach final Miami in 2005. Also win French open and became 2. player on tour in same year. From than 2005- 09 Federer reach 11 gs , with 4 gs before Us open 2005 . Djoko also reach final gs 2007 on Us open and became 3. place on atp. And are after this argument you haters and think and now is Fed champ of weak era ? Or weak era was so strong to Nadal who in prime years don' t make final on Us or Au open ( 2005- 08 ) ?


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