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How would you like to hit a smoother forehand in tennis?! How do we stop rolling the shoulder? For those looking to gain more consistent strokes, this video on Quick Tip to Improve Tennis Forehand | No Shoulder Rollover is for you. We have the tennis stroke, from forehand to serve, broken down to the most important keys in our Top Speed Tennis System. If you’re looking to add topspin, we’ll cover proper forehand mechanics, while improving key topspin generating fundamentals! So let’s become an ACE in tennis, we’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis.

Clay Ballard

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  1. Clay, this is the 1st time that I have heard of elbow pointing. Practicing the elbow point is awkward & uncomfortable. I believe in your coaching & instructions. Oops! I am now back to attempting my 100 shadow swings.

  2. 5:15 Actually, in table tennis, that is how people get really good – with repetition. You see it all the time, where the coach keeps feeding their student the same exact shot and they practice it over and over and over and over… (there are also ball machines in table tennis, too, but that is besides the point).

  3. Take back your elbow behind as much as possible.
    in order to Transfer the energy from 1. leg-kicking 2.hip-swing 3.shoulders-rotating.

  4. This is my go – to video. Just a fabulous video. Played today , wasn’t totally smooth at the beginning , pulled this up as a reminder , and then , boom , effortless power. Thank you very much for posting great “ common problem “ videos

  5. truck scared the fuck outta me lmao. nice video my serve and backhands are solid my forehand just needed work, thank you.

  6. But if you watch slow motion videos of thiem or dimitrov they do not place their elbow particularly close to their hip. for dimitrov especially his elbow goes nowhere near his hip

  7. Took a whole 10 seconds of his explanation to realize that this is EXACTLY what I've been doing wrong…haha, Thanks for the video!

  8. Mate you are one of the best in detail explenation of right technique. I think you are adding value to all fans watching your videos. Wish you best.

  9. I thought this was your best forehand video. You talk about the lag and snap but the beauty of this video illustrates what is needed to make that happen. I.e. The pointing of the elbow etc. so Thank you

  10. I've been having this problem for a long time. Now I'm feeling confident to solve it. Thanks for the post. It was very objective and clarify dobts. Thanks a lot e congratulations!!!!!

  11. he's stroke is okay… but this tip will not help anybody beause they don't have the basic fundamental.. if you guys follow this… you will start having a bad habit.. forcing yourself like an idiot…. go pay the fucking money and take lesson from a coach…

  12. These tips will over complicate your forehand. I'm not sure how this guy is getting the lag and snap effect with his contact point and hip position. Don't be fooled by these internet Coaches.

  13. I noticed you have a early hip turn AKA premature hip turn just sayen . hold your arm out upfront of you longer when you throw it forward it makes you body and hips turn forward. More power this way .

  14. nice video…alot of good machanics can be gained by relaxing such as the racket dropping at the backswing ..relax the grip and let gravity do the work… also lag ..swing path ect..the trouble with most is that they try so hard to get a certain technique they tense up and that works against thier natural machanics..its obviously great to try hard but to remeber the body will move in better way when relaxed.. ..there is no getting around going over a way of hitting the ball..breaking it down and bit by bit peiceing it all together.. and relaxing while this happens will help the machanics no end…..i like the way this guy explains things..he has a calm nature..

  15. Hi Clay.. Am a big fan of your coaching. You're a great teacher. Have been following you for past 2 months. Am already seeing a great difference in my forehand shots. Your lag and snap video is my favorite. I watch it weekly at least once to make sure I don't forget any points. I just can't get enough practice. Maybe Ball machine might be a good idea like you said. Any suggestions on a low-medium priced ball machines?

  16. Something that I really like to use as a guideline, is to initiate the motion with the rotation of the shoulders prior to the arm and then try to maintain a good impact point in front of the body in order to avoid crunching the arm and lifting that right elbow. Excellent detailed video.


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