Speculation over the political future of Russian President Vladimir Putin became somewhat clearer this week. The Russian leader threw his weight behind proposals to amend Russia’s current constitutional cap on presidential term limits — a move that will allow him to stay in power beyond the end of his current term of 2024. Charles Maynes reports.
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  1. Actually he said he didnt want to die as a president. But this is VoA, so just
    take everything they said and and reverse it. That or just choose to watch someone more credible.
    He spoke all day about how it would be bad for him to continue as president and how it
    would be bad even if he went to another office, saying how power would be split and how that bad,
    he wants new president to have stable power when he leaves and also wants to stop others from attempting it.
    His power among people, though, will not weaken and he is thankful for our support but still declines to lead.
    Who else would get rid of his own power when offered a choice? Only a great man. Leader of a generation!

  2. Bravo Putin Complimenti ! Vogliamo che Putin sara Presedinte per tuta la Europa da 2024 fino 2036 ! Vogliamo una vita seria non liberta moriremo di fame .

  3. There is no world to describe how much I hate this man he is the worst man that ever existed he makes me sick

  4. His title is now:

    Vladimir IV, by the Grace of God and of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Tzar of Russia and the Supreme Leader of Bears.


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