Professional Tennis Training Drills with Top Tennis Training. In this video you will see tennis drills that work on improving the tennis forehand, tennis backhand, volleys and footwork for tennis players. These drills are demonstrated by Top Tennis Training coaches Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky along with some of their students. Building a habit on a tennis stroke requires high volume and lots of repititions, with these professional tennis drills you’ll be able to improve your game quickly without wasting your practice time.
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  1. I like the drill where he got the band around him and ur pulling it back while he goin forward . Look like ur riding a horse 🐎

  2. Cool. Although my wife doesn't play tennis, i can ask her to help me in training with some of the exercises shown here. Thanks.

  3. Really nice video, guys. Appreciate that, Thanks for inspiration. The student who trains with Simon has a really explosive swing !

  4. simon/alex, great video, 16 days out from a grass court tournament, wat things shud i really be focusing on during this period?


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