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Enjoy all the highlights from last season’s trip to Manchester City, as Paul Pogba inspired the Reds to a memorable comeback win over the Blues.

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  1. Probably Alexis Sanchez' best ever game for us. He played so well. Especially that assist to Pogba's second goal. Perfect ball.

  2. Anyone watching this in March 2020? Now our world hit by Covid19. Liverpool about to win PL. Pogba no longer liked at MU.

  3. Look at that De Gea’s incredible save. He’s saved United for years yet people them want to cash in on him next summer for having a bad year. smh

  4. Pogba's blue hair was for France. He played for France the week before this encounter. It was slowly fading away into sky blue.

  5. and until now people still doubt about Pogba…..i'm sure when his back at the team, imagine with him, bruno and fred…amazing


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