#TennisClash #Live #Gameplay #TennisClashClan Paris Open 20 Junior Tournament Matches | Tennis Clash Gameplay With Commentary. I qualified for the Paris Open Tournament 🎾💪 And I am going to play all of my 20 Tournament matches in a hope that I will be at least in the Top 10 and I will certainly put all my skill I have into it to achieving that, and I will most definitely use Maestro strings just to be on the safe side with my stamina 😁🎾💪 And If you find this entertaining and enjoy my commentary with my Scottish accent, please be sure to check out my channel for other videos such as tips, tricks, gameplays and more 😊 And please be sure to leave a Like and Subscribe for more and Ring the Bell for video notifications 🎾 I would also greatly appreciate your donations to help me keep Tennis Clash Clan Channel alive and so keeping you all entertained 🙏😊 And you can do that through PayPal here 👉 paypal.me/TennisClashClan You’re all amazing and thank you again 🙏😊😎🎾🎾🎾

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  1. I know one of ur live commenters asked if any top 100 players make videos.GamePlays365 is in and out of the top 100 and makes great vids.He also interacts with most of the ppl who ask questions like you do.Slainte 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🍀🍀🍀

  2. It ain't fair now for players to play in tournaments because these cheaters are dominating the top spots and the really good ones are below them so it's really tough to climb up the ladder.
    Skills like yours should be in the top 10 at least, in my opinion

  3. Not your day my man… and so was mine… after unlocking t6 i lost a lot of trophies in t3 now i. Am stuck and have to win all t3 matches to unlock t6 smh…😤😤😤

  4. This lag is real, Im only in the rookie tournament but it is so fuckin annoying losing points without our own fault. It wouldve been different if we played bad , but to rob us of our points is next level bullshit.


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