Nothing but ridiculous reflexes! Here are some of the best reflex shots we’ve seen on the ATP Tour.



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  1. djokovic’s one was just a good stretch volley. which requires good reaction time but not insane reactions like the others in my opinion. he’s never been the best at that or his net game. but they just had to include something of his

  2. "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT." "OH STOP IT." When is Robbie Koenigg retiring so I don't have to hear him on every highlight video anymore?

  3. Why Federer has to apologize ? I mean djokobitch clipped the top of the net with his atrocious forehand. He should be happy to see his ball through at least.

  4. i'm a fan of Rafa ,, i always see him focus in every point until the end ,, i always ask my self why he doing this even if he's sure that the ball is out ,, but here 2:23 i know why he's always focused

  5. Of course they couldn’t have Djokovic the number 1 player as the thumbnail more fedal bias again from the atp


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