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The battle between Play Your Court and Essential Tennis continues as coach Ian and Kevin square off against coach Scott and Nate in a doubles showdown! Here are your competitors:

Ian Westermann
-Played NCAA Division 2 tennis for Ferris State University.
-Was ranked #19 nationally in Division 2 doubles.
-Essential Tennis Coach.

Kevin Garlington
-Played NCAA Division 1 tennis for Oral Roberts University.
-Played at a professional level in both the United States and Europe
-Essential Tennis Coach.

Scott Baxter
-Played NCAA Division 1 tennis at the University of Maryland.
-Was ranked top 150 nationally as a junior.
-Play Your Court Coach.

Nate Bolling
-Ranked top 100 nationally as a junior.
-Played NCAA Division 1 tennis at James Madison University.
-Play Your Court Coach.

This is Part 1 in a two part series showing you all the twists and turns in a full set of competitive doubles play. You’ll hear our players talk between points, strategize together, and give their candid thoughts to a “confessional camera” in between games. All so you can learn how to set up your own doubles play and work with your partner more effectively and win more matches!

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  1. THIS is the kind of stuff I need! The thinking, the strategy from point to point, the play by play commentary on what is working, what it not. Thanks. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Kevin is 5.0? he put 1 return on serve forehand into the net (actually into his own court) and 2 more out the court by about 15 feet in the second game, and those serves were coming to him at about 120 kmh.

  3. They are either super rusty or they are really 4.0 players, no matter how well they know the principles of the game. And they cannot move at all, super slow their footwork.

  4. NTRP 5.0 ????? is it a Joke? after seeing all your videos about the tips and actually watching this video you play, it is clear that you guys just know the theory but cannot play. IAN is 3.0 may be with no proper forehand and zero backhand.. Kevin and others look like 3.5 – 4.0

  5. My goodness, if you talk strategy at a social tennis club in England you get snide comments from your opposition
    I've played at 11 clubs , I keep moving from club to club hopping that I will find a club where the players are aware that doubles is a completely different game to singles eg you talk to one another for starters , you serve further out and there are patterns that you follow
    Your not 2 players playing singles together and not communicating through fear of upsetting the other guy
    So many arrogant players in our social tennis clubs over here , they all play doubles but all only watch singles
    They guard the tram lines as there scared to get passed down the line and so can't reach any easy Poch shots at the centre of the net
    I've quit playing at these clubs as I want to play high level doubles tennis but you can't play well if you don't play as a team
    I'm 56 years old , started playing 10 years ago , I watched doubles players and strategy
    Learnt all the grips and practised free hitting over the parks with my freind then I play matches at the clubs with people that don't even know about grip changes or simple basic positioning , most of them couldn't even see how good my ground stroke and serve techniques were
    They were mostly older people that had made up their own strokes and their own strategy since the day that they began to play
    Lots of them hit the ball really flat or try some ugly looking slice then you in turn hit them a nice topspin shot which lands right in their hitting zone or bounces high on them
    Oh my days it's so frustrating it appears that my success and hard work and thought process have worked against me lol

  6. These videos help a lot. I have a tournament tmr and see how you guys worked through the nerves and tactics is awesome

  7. Thanks guys that was fun to watch! Surprised to see so many service winners but that may because it was hard court and not clay, which I'm used to, and also because you've never played against each other. Ian poached well and I think that was critical.

  8. Great volleys by Ian where they are placed well and they stay low. Like how Ian uses the slice return effectively. I would love to have Kevin's nasty kick serve that those guys were having problems with. I suffer from the issue that Kevin was having that a lot of overheads that should be put-away overheads somehow keep coming back.

  9. Wow this might be my favorite tennis video on YouTube right now. Love the insider look into teams’ strategies! Looking forward to more videos like this!

  10. Interesting, we used to play only with one player at the net. Wounder ift this would be bettr for those players as well. Also, the return player should go more often for long line, this would stop Kevins poaching attempts.

  11. Is it OK for the receiving team to interrupt the server once they see their formation, to discuss tactics? Just curious if it's frowned upon.


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