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In order to show you their fastest tennis racquet ever, HEAD Tennis has Australian Open winner Novak Djokovic play the fastest tennis game ever. At over 150 mph, Djokovic needs all the power and speed he has to beat the wind drag, with the help of the HEAD Tennis YouTek IG SPEED MP 18/20 racquet, it almost looks easy…

Watch Novak’s moves for celebration here: “Novak Djokovic Players Only”



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  1. if someone was to do this in real life that plane, the An-2 is definately a great choice to do it on. Low speed, large wing, tons of lift. No wonder those are still around

  2. I'can totally understand pro tennis players simulating real game conditions for match practice but NOVAC here is simply just FLOGGING himself. I guess we 're all just APES on EGO trips as Sir Brandon Boyd put it.

  3. Definitely possible. Mythbusters have done it and I just watched both that episode and this video. I can't say this video is real, but I can say it CAN be done. Mythbusters done 11 hits in a row, the video here shows 2 or so in a row, so while it can be done and whether they got more than a few hits, that I cannot answer.

  4. Definitely Noles face doesnt make him look serious, he was born to laugh, make laugh, and play tennis of course


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