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  1. 2011 – more powerful strokes and massive depth in those aggressive strokes but not tactically great play; was susceptible to being controlled by the opponent's play more often than otherwise but could outlast the opponent due to physical/mental strength and anticipation. Also brilliant court coverage and movement, but not as fluid/visually appeasing
    2015 – less powerful strokes but insane depth and strategic/tactical hitting; manoeuvring players to suit his game with lesser chances to be controlled by the opponent, hitting the ball earlier by standing closer to the baseline. Fluidity of movement and visually more appealing than 2011 with better anticipation probably just due to more experience.
    Mental strength equally strong..2015 may just edge 2011 in a final set tiebreaker. 2015 form maybe in a whole season, would win ~55% of the matches Vs his 2011 form

  2. 2011 would win imo

    This is because 2011 Djokovic imo has the highest level of tennis in the baseline modern era especially against tougher competition. But he burnt out after US Open 2011 due to injury. 2015 Djokovic had weaker competition and is overrated in general because Nadal was at his worst and Federer forehand declined from the baseline in the baseline era which hurt Federer alot. Murray was the same in 2011 and 2015 but was never a threat in slams to the big 3 and the top 10 in 2011 was stronger in quality of tennis than 2015 imo

  3. The 2011 version of Nole in my opinion can beat anyone at their best! The intensity at which he was playing, power in the shots! I'ts almost impossible to sustain for the whole year! Tennis is a combination of power and endurance played over a marathon! Injuries are common and the evolution of the game is the reason Nole now resembles the 2015 version to the all conquering 2011 version. Like many have said the 2015 is the more complete version but my choice is the 2011 Djokovic.

  4. 2011 was super-impressive with the 3 GS, the dominance over Rafa, and the amazing win streak but I'm going with 2015 because a)He reached all 4 GS finals and took the ATP year-end b)He had more of an aura of invincibility c)He had 4 more years of experience and maturity d)Not sure but I think he had by then taken the lead in the rivalry btw both Rafa and Fed and seemed to have more confidence against both e)The consistency of his length from the back of the court was improved. I was in heaven both seasons and to decide between them is kinda like Sophie's Choice

  5. His level of play in 2011 at his peak may be the highest in the history of the game. People forget he got hurt at the end of the year after a 64-2 record, one of which was a retirement.

    Just obscene quality.

  6. Of course both have their chances..
    If 2011 Novak wins, he'd have absolutely demolished 2015 Novak
    If 2015 Novak wins, he'd have scraped his way through.

    2011 in my opinion was the best level 'he' produced, EVER – there was horrifying defense and attack, those shots were laser like! 2015 Novak is more brains/tactics/physical

  7. 2011, he probably had one of the better second serves in history. He went for broke, and the guy could put it on a dime. Legs were spring-loaded, too.

  8. As a Nole fan following him from 2007, 2015 wins. More complete & mentally & emotionally better. I believe he would know how to play against a player playing like his 2011 self or eventual,y find a way to do so

  9. 2011 Djokovic and 2010 Nadal are in my oppinion highest level of tennis ever. Federer in 2017 highest level on faster surfaces. Its not because i support Djokovic, but his 2011 version i considder to be highest level ever achieved by a tennis player. Not saying he was unbeatable, nobody is, but at their abaolute peaks i think Djokovic just edges Nadal and Federer by a slim margin. Wawrinka and Murray at their peak would push peak Djokovic of 2011 hard but i think he would just outlast them in the end more often than not. He was a physical beast like no other that season. Nadal from 2010 US Open is close, but due to the poor matchup i think Djokovic of 2011 would edge him anywhere except on RG probably. Dont forget, Nadal and Federer were also beasts that season, Nadal in particular, but it was just Djokovic year to shine.


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