New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a press briefing on coronavirus efforts.

This event is subject to delays in start time.

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  1. New Yorkers must DEFY Governor Cuomo's UNCONSTITUTIONAL demand for wearing masks. NO ONE is allowed to imposed ANYTHING on your body. Revolt against the attempt to take away your Constitutional Rights over your own body.

  2. You NYers should be supporting your Govenor, not knocking him down work together you guys!! YOU NEED TO BECAUSE ITS ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH, not your differences!!

  3. Taskforce to the people in one man. I've learned more in the Governors speech than Donald Playing pulpit master everyday.

  4. Everyone should subscribe to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s YouTube channel, let’s support his efforts in his truth campaign for President Trump.

  5. The D team does not want stadiums full of people happily chanting other names different than Biden. Solution:
    A- Don't go out you going to die
    B- No more gatherings bigger than 10 people. Why? This is exactly the amount of souls that Biden can collect:
    10 people

  6. Why blaming president trump for the outsourcing of all or most of our strategic industries oversees , while it has been going on since 1990 when bill Clinton was a president and china joined the world trade organization.
    president trump took up china in trade, and revoked the TPP agreement which would have killed all our industrial base.
    president trump is the first to take up china, and their malicious and deleterious activities and raised the slogan made in the USA.
    but unfortunately your demonrat colleagues, and the deep state, kept hitting him with the special counsel, then impeachment, then idiots like Cuomo family are blaming him for the virus, that emanated in a hostile totalitarian communist non transparent country !!!!!

  7. Fox News is like a lot of German people not believing the holocaust actually happened… Same as slavery…. MAGA!!! Same as these idiots saying make America great again.. more like make slavery again!!! 😘😘😘😘😘

  8. Ok….So Cuomo said President Trump got him PPE, got him lots of beds, got him ventilators…..because you had nothing. So what have YOU done Cuomo? You sit there and ask the Feds to help you on everything. Now the Feds are supposed to do all your testing for you too. What a bullshitter. If you actually listen to this douchbag he doesn't really answer questions… is more like he's thinking about the possibilities out loud.

  9. Ignorance is the real enemy.
    FAKE SCIENCE is the real enemy.
    Stop this misinformation, please..

    Testing is NOT the solution

    Are we armed with the right AMMUNITIONS?

    The real question is are we ready to fight this unseen enemy at the CELLULAR LEVEL?

    So why not BOOST the God-given machinery available to each?

    Can the govt PLEASE PROVIDE/if not MANDATE
    that AFFORDABLE nutrient-dense foods, low sugar diet foods/organic products, dark green leafy vegetables free from toxins/poisons be made available to the “HIGH RISK POPULATION”

    JUICE UP the Immune System so people can get back to work.

    We trust Pres Trump and Gov. Cuomo will have eyes to see the real enemy.

    God bless

  10. Congratulations New York! You got what you wanted when you told the people in your state to ignore President Trump's health warnings. Now, stop whining about it!

  11. Citizens, “just because we may have crest this one hill, we may have not see the mountain behind” in words just because you see the numbers decline, dosnt mean it’s gone for good. If we’re to froggy and jump to soon, it could all happen again. We all still need to maintain the safe mentality when we enter the work force again.

  12. If trump had paid any attention in December, January and February, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. Tests need the federal government to coordinate the chemicals (many from China) and other supplies and labs.

    trump has done almost nothing to help – just blowing his big pie hole. He keeps saying that there are enough tests for everyone who needs one. What a joke he is. Everyone knows that there aren't enough tests even for the health care workers and first responders, drivers, grocery workers.

    How the heck can we get back to work without tests and contact tracing? The only countries in the world who have this under control are those with tons of tests and contact tracing — North Korea, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway.

  13. this dummy says he needs reform the MTA. oh really, maybe if he didn't let them squander all their funds through port authority corruption, he'd have money for that!

  14. All he does is complain. If he needs the president’s help, all he needs to do is pick up the phone. I am sure the president will accommodate him. He is an all talk cry baby. Get into action Governor Coumo. Figure it out. You are the elected governor. It is so annoying.

  15. Mr Cuomo, do your fking job for the people of N.Y., STOP Your whining and complaining and leading by blame.. you are in charge of your state, act like it. Your stupid presser are nothing but a political BS.. none cares. Do Your Job!!

  16. Trump should be forced to listen to Cuomo's lesson today at least ten times and then give Trump a multiple choice test. The dressing down of Trump is well derserved. Now go to your room Trump and and post your tantrums on Twitter like a ranting toddler again.

  17. Am surprised fox news covered this timely takedown of their puppet master Trump! Usually fox news don't like covering any truth that will hurt their puppet master!


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