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  1. My pick for unorthodox serve would be… Karsten Braasch! Also I think most of people never hear for this guy- Brian Battistone, really weird (volleyball) service motion. Argentinians? Yes couple of them are mentioned, but where is Mariano Zabaleta?

  2. I hope we'll see more underarm serves in the future. In my opinion it could be a great tactical serve option especially for people who have a powerful serve.

  3. Ok. But you certainly missed Karsten Braasch. Check out „Karsten Braasch Ivan Lendl Hamburg“. Lendl lost his nerves. 😂

  4. I know that most of this player have awkward serve routins but did you ever see sofia kenin? God this is the most annoying service motion ever

  5. Ok but you didn’t show the weirdest part of PHH’s serve! I was waiting the whole video to see him and then it didn’t show that weird thing he does at the beginning.


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