The most intelligent robot that you can buy in table tennis.
Today, we will talk about the 3 types of table tennis robots. And finally, I introduce the Best table tennis training tool on the market right now.

00:32 Should I use robot
02:00 Advantage of using robots
03:20 How long to become a pro
04:45 Three Type of Robots
05:14 Butterfly Amicus
10:12 Max Spin Option
11:14 PowerPong Robot
16:42 Coupon code
17:58 Kuka robot
19:20 Omron robot
23:15 Returning board
25:13 M-One robot

Official page of PowerPong Robot:
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Butterfly Official page to purchase the Amicus robot:

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  1. Update about the robot here: Read the full guide here:

  2. Hey coach I need some advice, I would say I’m a club level player, I need to know which machine would be suitable for me, I don’t want to go pro or anything at all of course I just want to get much better so will I be able to make improvements and fix my form by myself with just a machine and without a coach

  3. Hi coach I have an amicus prime, It’s a gods robot but I would say that is big problem is that the head doesn’t move. So to change the trajectory of the ball: The ball is deflected when it leaves the wheels by a flap and unfortunately this generates a lot of undesirable lateral effect

  4. I looked at your blog, can't find a link to where you can buy the M-one robot. Do you have that? I'm interested.

  5. Hi Coach. I want to ask you that in my club there is a player who uses old rubbers damaged from the middle. So the spin is different depending on where it hits the rubber, Spin is inconsistent. Is using a damaged/very old rubber allowed in table tennis?

  6. I tried one of those robots with so Strong spinn and speed my fingers was hurting ftom the ball hitting them. And today my table tennis club open again , jippi 🙂

  7. Excuse me I want to know what is the different between forehand loop and forehand topspin

  8. I think the butterfly amicus prime does everything a human can do serve topspin backspin sidespin .. and it's not that necessary to buy the 4000$ or 5000$ robot money doesn't grow on trees but the butterfly amicus is perfect for training. It's also expensive but they're better for professional training.there are 200-500$ robots but they can't be as good as the amicus. Sadly you can't play a game against the robot 😂😂😂. Except the car priced robot 😂😂

  9. Nice video! I recently bought a cheap Huipang HP-07 clone robot and a catch net. Then I did a homemade ball
    recycling system with a large funnel, an old vacuum cleaner motor, and some cardboard. Now I have a "modified" robot that can hold 360 balls! I can hits balls non-stopping almost until exhausted, about one hour with my less than ideal fitness level 🤣. This has been great during this coranavirus time!

  10. you can build your own robot for below 200$ with all spin variations and diffrent balls every time. i´m building one myself rn. hardware is easy but i´m injured rn and dont have time to develop the software for a while. when i´m finished it will be almost as good as 1500€ versions

  11. I'm sure it's expensive 😣.
    And coach remember me i replied to your comment on table tennis daily's video maybe your own channel would be better i just want some information about the national blue sponge and provincial blue sponge and commercial orange sponge dhs h3 and h3 neo and h8 . Categories
    2. Spin
    3. Throw angle/Arc
    4. Tackiness


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