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Matchmaking Has Been Fixed | Tennis Clash New Updates/Patch Notes Explained | Part 1.
There are big changes that have taken place in Tennis Clash, and one of them is a Tour Capping. So each tour has its own capping system where it caps all the card to a certain level and that is great, because matchmaking should be much better now than it was before. And in this video I will take you through its advantages and disadvantages and also play in lower Tours to test it out 😊 And the actual gameplay feels much smoother now as well which is great 😊 And I’d love to know what do you think about this change, so please do let me know down below in the comments section 👇 And I hope I explained it well enough to you and happy gaming guys 😁😎💪💪💪🎾 And please be sure to check out my channel for other videos such as tips, tricks, gameplays and more 😊 And please be sure to leave a like and Subscribe for more and ring the bell for daily video notifications 🎾 Thank you all and enjoy 🙏 🎾 😎

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  1. Question – if all the top people are being pushed down again, won't the lower level people now get crushed and have to move lower again? I will try it out but this may be the end for me if I have to go down to tier 2 (currently play at tier 4 mostly, occasionally trying 5). We will see if the caps work or not before I decide. Your example game is usually what happens to me – they are much better and they beat me even with the cap as the difference is still huge. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Awesome update? Are you serious? The game is too fast now. Everyone suddenly has roller skates on, armed with rocket launchers. It’s all about hitting the ball as hard and fast as you can and hope that your opponent misses. And we all know that hope is not a very good strategy… Do an honest review please, hand to heart, review this for the majority of players that just want to have some arcade fun, not a nervous breakdown…

  3. After this update I’m not able to re open my tour 4-5
    Coz I’m stuck in rio tour not able to win single match in 25 matches

  4. I came here coz I knows u would be able to explain the update 😅

    I’ve lost 9 matches in a row and I can’t seem to get my gameplay back 😐. I’ve lost 9 games in a row AND volley players aren’t capped 🤷🏽‍♀️. Wasn’t easy to beat a 40+ volley player.

    If I can’t get my flow back I’m going back to candy crush 🥳

  5. The new update mess the game up. They should of kept it like it was and just kept the stamins and agility the way it was. The game is earning yout posituon. What the point of you earning your cards. It not fair.

  6. At the start of the match I accidentally bought 10 siberian wires by a touch of my finger. I do not want them. I want my diamonds back. İs there a way to get them back?

  7. Rip off. Get my stats lowered to accommodate lower players. Not my fault their stats are crap and they don’t spend money.

  8. This is Horseshit. I'm getting matched with people with way higher stats than mine and i'm barely on your 4. I haven't spent money on it but i guess that everyone is with those stats it's crazily unfair.

  9. The matchmaking isn’t that fun anymore with the addition of level cap on every tour, what they should’ve done is put a level cap based on the corresponding amount of trophies for each tour to lessen those players with higher trophies(capable of playing on higher tours) that are smurfing on lower tours instead.

  10. I like the udapte especially the dropshot does not work as well as before. So bouncy ball.
    And the stamina , oh my god my viktoria is like a grandma at the end of game to catch a ball. Hilarious the graphics.

    I saw you have grill Target sometimes And before the udpate it happens for me. Do you know why? Because most of the time when it does That. The ball goes into the net.
    so annoying.problem swipping? And after udpate it happens sometimes for me but less ball lost in the net.

    Have funnnn ✌

  11. Nope.. holding back my cash until they sort this rubbish out.. I don’t spend real cash to power up my forehand just to get smashed by significantly lower forehand players.. I was playing in Rome as my daily routine.. now I have to retrieved to tokyo.. which is 2 step back.. which is a joke.. even then most balls still flying like a bullet..

  12. How to destroy good game???
    Peaple from Tennis clash just show us with this update….
    Gameplay is terible…

  13. I feel that the game has become really choppy rather than smooth after the update. Is it just me? Whenever I tap on a spot to move my character, it would just take a short step, stop for a split second, and then take another short step, all these to move to another spot. I tried with different character and even use items to increase my agility and stamina (55 & 40), and it's still the same. Anyone else facing this issue?

  14. In this video you lost each match which is ok if you have 7 million coins but I also lost all of my matches with 200,000 coins and now I'm out. I feel like I was fleeced.

  15. I unlocked T6 just hours before the update today and was gonna buy the celebratory Tour 6 offer, but now thanks to this shitty update and the unrealistic pace of the game, I'm gonna pass. Played 2 matches and just found the game's pace ridiculous and no more fun. Used to play for an hour with back to back matches but this update has killed all the fun. Tennis Clash might have just made the ultimate update to lose a ton shit of paying customers.

  16. The publishers wanted to make the game more realistic and they've buffed up almost all the attributes resulting in unrealistic pace of the game. They must be smoking some high grade shit because I don't think they've seen a real tennis match ever and what sort of a pace it's usually played at. Shooting cannons especially at level 7-8 attributes is just ridiculous. I miss the old game. 🙁 They just needed to fix a couple of things such as match pairing, which they could have easily made based on total power (5-10% +/- ) and relative ratios of attributes instead of based on net trophies, and making lobs, stamina and volley play more realistic. Instead they just massacred the attributes. Quite obvious they just buffed up the attributes to appease the players while increasing the thresholds of cards and thus gems needed to upgrade so they can just make more money.

  17. Its too fast. Its more stupid. Like how am i gonna counter if i keep on receiving exclamation points? Its becoming more unplayable. Its taking away the realistic tennis

  18. But on the good side, this is what an update is all about, it's about reaction from players so they can further improve the game and I know the developers go this channel each day to see players reaction and comments and OUR FRIEND here relays first hand information from them as they come along, every single one he's always informs us right away..even when he's got a bad tooth ache👍👍👍

  19. Another question: I have seen my shots hitting the net a lot. Any reason why that happens? Is it cause of the swipe I did (maybe did a short swipe or from the Center of the screen or something)?

  20. Too crazy fast my friend! I've lost all matches because I couldn't even start to think what I want to do hahaha
    It's not that I don't have the agility, I got over 65 but to react that quick to a crazy fast incoming missile, it doesn't give you any slack to think. Am I the only one?
    The first time you tested the game in tgia video after the update looks pretty good vut your second video scared the shit out of me on how fast and quick the play was. Looks really good and challeging if I was just watching you play, but me playing that speed is probably like beyond my capabilities right now, and I even went thru all low level tours where all the monsters are hanging out right now though it's capped, but I think they're having a very tough time in the higher tours because of this insane speed.

  21. A question: when I started playing this game that was the first time I got the piggy bank and I did not cash in the gems that time. Since then it has been like what 4+ weeks but I haven’t seen that piggy back ever again. Not sure what to do…

  22. The part where you were talking about not moving @19:11? That's a glitch. It's been happening to me constantly. I'm getting burned with a 30 arm to my Kaito's 63 agility. Something is wrong.

  23. The ridiculous thing is why stamina is spending on shots selection.Ooh man the game mechanism n dynamic are too changed man.

  24. The game is so fast n who is having victoria lvl9 above stats in cards they will win wd outany chance to anyone.Then whats the point in that if we beat higher top100 players we should progress acc to tym not just taking cards in free.

  25. I just played 2 games and I found that faster gameplay is actually more interesting and you need to react faster… at the same time the ball bounce update basically makes drop shots much less useful unless you take advantage of opponent's low stamina, which is another problem… I feel like agility and stamina are way more important now (but i guess it's more realistic) I have 29 stamina but it feels like I only have like 10 in the previous version lol…

  26. Serve is more important now. I am struggling with 27 serve 44 FH 35 BH with player having 53 serve 32 FH 34 BH. My agility and stamina was also better. So it's a update which needs to improve.

  27. I think they just made it impossible to win matches with this update. They didn’t make it more fair for weaker players, all they did was make the stronger players better. Witt pumping up attributes like this it’s so much harder to play in my opinion. I’m standing there while balls are flying past me and I can barely see the ball. I just literally lost 10 in a row in Rome tour. And as far as equal match play there is no such thing. I had 999 Trophies and I got matched up with someone who had 1240 trophies. It could take time like you’re saying but after playing 10 matches and losing them all I think this update just killed the game

  28. Now im beast by this update now i have 48 bh,36 agility,45 serve i like playing one handed player bcz my machete has level 8😁😁


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