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Massive Golf Driver Distance Keys – How To Bomb Your Drives Like Tiger Woods!:

Improve Golf Swing Path:

Rory Mcilroy Swing Analysis:

Jordan Spieth Swing Analysis:

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  1. Really nice video. Lateral move from the top of the backswing is the key. U play golf with your feet and not your hands

  2. There's a lot to work on here. Grip pressure, take it back wide, come down narrower, rotate body but then slow down to allow the club to speed up, whip it off the tee with soft hands. And then you have maybe half a second to get the timing and sequencing correct. Yeah that might take a couple of practice swings in the backyard to iron out! 🙂 Thanks Adam, great video!!

  3. I have yet to understand fully why we want width in the backswing. It would seem as long as the downswing is done as you show here one should be fine. I feel when I stay very wide in my back swing it feels like I'm swinging a 2×4 going back with no flex in any part of my wrists and arms. Just feels stiff.

    I know we don't want to have the swing and arms break down completely going back. My timing feels the best when at about 9 o'clock my wrists will start to hinge and I have a feeling of pushing the length of the shaft up and back. Hope this makes sense lol. Love your "no one thing fits all players" approach to instruction! Thank You!

  4. I need lessons. Im sick of hitting great shots once in a while, I need to be consistent. I need one on one lessons!!!


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