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Want to hit your forehand groundstroke hard AND consistently? You’re going to need what we talk about in today’s lesson: curve. Watch and Ian and Kirby demonstrate exactly how to make big topspin so you can maintain a high margin for error while attacking with your forehand.

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Video 2 – Power:
Video 3 – Curve:

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  1. Fix your forehand today with our free Step-by-Step Action Plan download.

  2. I watched this before placement/power videos. Local courts closed, but I have the garage door. Will watch placement and power videos too. I also watched the forehand/backhand lesson you gave Cory(?) in Milwaukee. So strange to have the courts closed with flowers blooming and longer, warmer days, but still fun to see progress learning to hit with my nondominant hand. Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks for this video. I hadn't played since I was a kid until last summer and discovered just how much I love tennis. I'm currently just hitting against a wall so this is great for me. Oh and Kirby..❤❤

  4. Whatever happened to Kirby? She was the reason I started watching this channel years ago.
    Ah, the ol' bait and switch…

  5. This is what I always did on my two handed backhand as I finished over the shoulder and hit topspin really well. I figured out how to do that on the forehand by thinking about what I do on the backhand.

  6. Two questions: First, what type of grip (Eastern, continental, etc.) is Kirby using in this video ? Second, does the type and tension of the strings affect how much topspin she can impart on the ball?

  7. Very beatiful girl. …I understand your lesson after four times. ..sorry. ..put a big Fat man so we learn Well. ..Great video…Well done

  8. I am an intermediate player and not played for the last 20years so I was getting back into it recently and going well but then I had carpal tunnel surgery after coming back my forehand has been so bad its like I am a beginner again, anyway today I practiced against the wall and I found out the problem I was holding the racket way down near the base like Kirby was holding it I moved my grip up to just below centre and all my shots were back as it had changed the balance of the racquet. The reason for mentioning this is I have not seen many videos where they tell you how far up and down you are supposed to hold the racquet but I do hold the racquet further down like where Kirby is holding it when I serve and my serve is great

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmm. At 7:08 her forehand elbow is too far from her body as she hits the ball. She is using too much shoulder instead of having proper kinetic chain rotation from the leg, hip, trunk and then shoulder. I was thought to keep your elbow closer to your body. It will generate faster racquet head speed for extreme topspin. Hmmmmmmmmm

  10. Would you suggest adapting the forehand grip each and every time depending on the height of the ball and the shot you want to play or do you keep some standard forehand grip all the time? (advanced level)

  11. Hi Coach – good video.
    My background is in baseball/softball. One thing missing from instructional vids on all three sports is the importance of what we call hip/shoulder rotation when taking a swing. The hitter must do more than just strike the ball using hand/arm strength. He/she must rotate the hip/shoulder into the swing. By putting this type of leverage into the swing you hit the ball with greater authority and can direct it more readily. Perhaps you have addressed that in a subsequent vid and in your lessons to your students.
    I noticed that Kirby struck the ball at the hip level when she was at the service line and at the chest level when she was at the baseline. Please address this in one of your vids if you haven't done so already.
    Look forward to viewing more of your vids.

  12. if your a table tennis player you would already get the concept of swinging up past your head to create topsin


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