Mario Tennis Aces Review by Tristan Ogilvie on Nintendo Switch.

Note: As of the time of publishing this review, Nintendo was yet to enable online multiplayer, so multiplayer impressions are based on local multiplayer and the reviewer’s experience in the pre-launch Online Tournament demo. If online doesn’t work as expected at launch, this review will be updated.

Watch 7 Special Shots from Mario Tennis Aces:

Watch Mario Tennis Aces – Mario & Koopa Troopa Gameplay:

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  1. Can someone help me out here, I was trying to play doubles and selected wario and waluigi vs donkey kong and diddy kong and had my characters on the left, but when I selected a court, the game mixed them up so I tried rearranging so wario and donkey kong were on the left but got the same result. It was weird, I couldn't even select the team i wanted

  2. Fancy knocking points off for not having customization. Playing round a characters weakness is half the challenge in competitive games but when there are speed and power boosts involved it soon becomes guess work.

  3. Am I the only one who agrees with this review? I mean, 7.5 is completely fair in my opinion for a game that doesn't give you an incentive to keep playing (with almost nothing to unlock), has some notable design flaws, and a shorter singleplayer than hoped for. Now that it's been updated I'd give it more like an 8.3 (8 new characters, new minigame mode, etc.) but it's still a flawed game.

  4. This game is awesome. I love it. Both singles and doubles r great game modes vs the com or online players. If u play real tennis, u will really enjoy it.

  5. For anyone who's wondering, here's everything that's been added to the game since launch.
    – New Characters. Koopa Troopa, Blooper, Diddy Kong, Birdo, Koopa Paratroopa, Shy Guy, and Petey Piranha have all been added. (Boom Boom, Luma, and Pauline are coming too)
    – Co-Op Challenge. Limited time events that group 4 people online in a unique mini game. Success grants new alternate costumes for characters, and each challenge will be added offline once the time is over. Currently the two challenges are Boo Hunt and Yoshi's Ring Shot.
    – New Singleplayer Content. The Ruins of Trials have been added, which include a Boss Rush, and 4 levels that are score-challenge versions of other level types from the single player campaign. Completing these 5 levels grants a special racket for online play.
    – Balancing. Characters are balanced in both regular play and the single player.
    – Tournament Improvements. There are now ranking systems, Doubles Tournaments, etc. Also, all courts can appear with Hazards Off during tournaments.
    – Other Options, like a quick restart in the single player, longer free play matches, and more.

  6. Just watching the gameplay from different YouTubers, I can say Power Tour on the GBA was a far better game in every way.

  7. just got the game does anybody play duos ? i’ve tried getting into a lobby with no luck if anybody wants to play let me know

  8. 0/10 don’t buy no game has ever made me rage harder not worth 60 bucks not worth 10 do not buy it is a waste of your time

  9. im trying to decide whether i get hyrule warriors for switch or mario tennis aces but they both have the same rating

  10. If the power shots/racket breaks are removed does this play like Mario Tennis 64? If so, I'm in, but if I can only turn the stuff in a single mode I'll pass on this.


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