New playable characters are heading to Mario Tennis Aces! Dry Bowser will join the roster in July!

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  1. Who’s here in 2020 looking at the trailer of Dry Bowser the last DLC character in Mario Tennis Aces? I actually wished Nintendo continued making DLC characters for the game, I had so many ideas for characters who could have joined like CAPPY 😭 (why does Nintendo do this to him, nowadays he is not important to them anymore and only exists in cameos) the Broodals (all four separate characters) Green Sprixie Princess (from that Wii U Mario Tennis game) with the other Sprixie Princesses in her Special Shot, Mr. Blizzard, Nabbit, Pom Pom (I mean why only Boom Boom and not his partner) Link (yeah he crossed over in Mario Kart 8 already so why not) Wiggler, Monty Mole, Cat Mario, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Lakitu, Fly Guy, Mii and Goomba (he would headbutt the Tennis-ball) I know of course this would have given Nintendo way much more work but I don’t think that would have been a problem at all

  2. It’s a darn shame that the Mii’s didn’t return to Mario Tennis since they made their first appearance in Mario Tennis Open. 🙁 I think they should be in the Nintendo eShop for free download.

  3. OK. I'm angry on why we didn't call it skelobowser. Every other translation called him that. It was cool. Why did we have to use DRY BOWSER

  4. Character idea:Miis
    Let them select a type for the mii etc Speed,Power,Tricky all that stuff,for the trick shot a basic backflip or cartwheel
    Special Shot:depending on type for etc Power:Their tennis racket engulfs in flames and the mii acts as if the racket is a baseball bat and whacks the ball at full power
    Tricky:The mii spins at high speeds and stops with the racket covered in a whirlwind
    Speedy:The mii runs in zigzags at really fast paces and whacks the ball with all its strength

    These are just the ideas but nintendo choose the rest but pls pls add miis oh and one mii,allowed cant have loads taking up all the storage😒 but pls add miis pls!!!

  5. Hey! I have an idea! Why not in the September tourney or Co-op, maybe ya’ll can make colored skins for Shy Guy or Luma.

  6. Give this game free as part of Nintendo switch online because all other games in there is rubbish except for tetris99.

  7. If I had to be honest, I have the game but don’t bother to play it, I still watch these trailers just to see their special shot

  8. Why dry bowser is devensive not powerful like bowser? Nintendo they are the same dry bowser was just what happened after bowser fall to his death

  9. Dry bowser is a smash spirit so he won't be an echo fighter. I won't really be expecting another Mario character, or a Kirby one, cuz they're spirits too. But please nintendo, MORE KIRBY FIGHTERS 😑

  10. This really should have been just a skin for Bowser especially since the trick shots and special is the same darn thing. I'm still not a fan of "characters" like this and hope that the likes of him, metal mario, pink gold peach, and the babies just gets demoted to costumes. This is THE reason why Mario Kart 8's roster is so bad then it should be. Anyway dry bowser may have his fans, but I'm not one of them. I really don't wait a ton of legit clone characters to be mainstream in big games. I fear for the next Mario Kart.

  11. Can you make another Wii console with every video game released, please?


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