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  1. I feel sad as her fan, my serve was inspired by maria and my back hand also.Thanl you for being my inspiration Maria Sharapova.😭😭😭

  2. Maybe she should've stayed away from the tournaments for some time, prepare herself well physically and with more practice. Remember Nadal faced the same situation and he moved out for a short period. Then came back stronger than ever.

  3. Good for her. She has only won when she was taking banned drugs like other Russian Athletes. But after she get caught her originality exposed. She was no way near to her pre doping period. Which prove her success was based on doping.
    She was embraced by media because she was white and blonde.
    She will be remember as Shara- DOPOVA.

  4. She is a bad influence for all the young tennis player out there. She was caught doping and got banned for it. Tennis is finally free from this cheater

  5. I, for one, am glad to see the back of her. She was one dimensional and her grunting unnecessary and extreme. I watched her at Wimbledon and she is awful to watch. Oh, and just add, as we all know, she was a drug cheat.

  6. I use to like her but after we knew she is the greatest Tennis of because of Dopping ! And the Others Tennis Players has to suppered to get a champions

  7. This cheating ugly flat booty straight up and down 6 bum ass bitch steroid taking asshole out of here bitching need to crawl up in the corner and die cheat a user of drug cheater everything you ever wanted you cheated with drugs you steroid taking bitch glad you go sorry you had to stay so long you fucking bum motherfukers try to compare you with Serena Beach you ain't even Serena Stratosphere motherfuking white news always trying to talk about arrive on the fuck arrival bitch she beat you down in the mud walk you drive every mother fucking time get your cheating ass out of here and don't nobody care about you you ain't got no farewell tour fucking bum get the fuck out of here no Fanfare for your sorry cheating steroid use it as checkmate


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