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  1. 😑😶😐🤨🤔🙂😏😎🙂😊☺️😀😆😁🤗😘😍🥰🤩😃😄😆😁😅☺️😶😔

  2. takes me back to college, used to trip so good on flume, kaytranada, snakehips at 4 AM in those shady hostel rooms with fairy lights

  3. Thank u,reminding me of my crush,i just imagining when the beat drops we kissing,thank you,really i just wanna fckin die…💀Thats why i dont have a soul

  4. This got suggested and I saw that it has been watched over 8 million times and was pretty excited to listen to it but I have to say, the original song is 1000 times better. I assumed it was going to be like that Habits (Stay High) Remix by Sabotage and how that record compares to the original because normally DJs just have a way of making records even better, but man, this is just bland as a record can be as far as I'm concerned.


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