Lionel Messi was La Liga’s 2016/17 top scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo was La Liga’s 2016/17 champion. But who was individually better and who helped his team more? It is not only about the amount of goals, it is more about the way they scored the goals. In this video you will see the difference between the to superstars!


Johannes Bornlöf – Imperious 2
Per Kiilstofte – Battle of the Titans
Johannes Bornlöf – Intense Thrill 4
Johannes Bornlöf – Imperious 1

Lionel Messi – All 37 goals (FC Barcelona. Season 2016/2017)
Cristiano Ronaldo – All 25 goals (Real Madrid, Season 16/17)

MagicalMessi – as Magical as Messi!



  1. Important: This video is only about the season 2016/17. The stats are official from
    Here you can watch a more detailed comparison of their full career:

  2. Ronaldo could do provide all the passes in the world and score all the long shots had he been playing deeper and wider into the pitch. It is true that messi has greater control. But this comparison is bullshit.

  3. It's so embarrassing to live in a world with Justin Bieber fans who think he is better than Michael Jackson, Mayweather fans who think he is better than Muhammad Ali, Lebron fans who think he is better than Jordan, and Ronaldo fans who are deluted enough to think he is better than Messi. This is the human race for you.

  4. This channel name is magical messi.i don't believe in magic. I believe in hard work. Just work hard everyone so that you will achieve many great things. cr7 though u might hate him but he is the great example of hard work and dedication. And that brings SUCCESS

  5. i used to be in the side of messi, but then i saw ronaldo play and… you know

    but then i understand they are both good players sooo…



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