Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi 2019 vs Cristiano Ronaldo 2019 🇦🇷🇵🇹
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#Messi #vs #Ronaldo

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    #Messi #vs #Ronaldo
    Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo ● Skills & Goals 2019 🇦🇷🇵🇹

  2. People prefer Messi because he appears humble and friendly and with a body like them, average. People scared of Ronaldo because he's got qualities they haven't, jealousy. Both amazing. I prefer Ronaldo style of attacking the goal.

  3. Lets agree on one thing … Ronaldo and Messi are better than all the other players right now … could even say best in the history. of the sport. … these two have achieved things no player ever will .. things other players dream of

  4. When we see Portugal on the world map we remember RONALDO
    When we see Argentina on the world map we can remember MARADONA!

  5. Cr7 can perform in any leagues ,but messi can only perform in Barcelona, not even in his own national team.
    CR7 the best!!!

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo é melhor porque ele decidiu jogos contra times mais difíceis e ganhou um título pela sua seleção


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