ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno, Dan Thomas, Mark Ogden and Shaka Hislop dissect Tottenham’s 3-0 capitulation vs. RB Leipzig in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16. Moreno says the absence of key players like Harry Kane and Son Hueng-Min was no excuse for Tottenham’s lacklustre performance, while Ogden sees no silver lining coming from a summer revamp under Jose Mourinho.

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  1. Pochetino: We need to trade off some players and buy some to restructure the team.

    Tottenham Board: No! You are fired!

    Jose gets Job

    Jose: Destroys everything.

  2. Can any of u in the studio win anything with the type of team Mourinho have now? No striker and the defence is so bad, midfield is OK. Give him a break.too many injuries with their best players injured. Tottenham should spend money and buy players and then they will do better

  3. These pundits are annoying especially Ale Moreno. Mourinho is dealing with a team without goal scorers and players who refuse to take training serious. When He came, Tottenham was 12 points away from the Top four table and he closed the gap before injury problems. How can Ale say Mourinho is not the man for the Job? No coach, I repeat, no coach can be like the special One. No coach can attempt to take the risk he has taken. Believe it or not.

  4. Just thinking JM, now criticizes Mdombele … but stubbornly stuck with underperforming Ericksen, knowing he didn't want to (even) be there 🙄??

  5. You guys just hate mourinho… ESPN SUCKS… You guys should just show highlights of matches.. Don't discuss. Pleeeaassee

  6. So basically ur staying Alfie u want him to stay we're in a go place my right back was jogging back when the thrid goal when in but he enjoyed his self we got kncked off the champions league my 4 best players are injured but we are 8th and we are good enough. He just staying what he thinks

  7. Completely agree I hate Mourinho I think his time has passed however to contradict Moreno, in the recent years he won Europa League and finished second in the PL with Manu. Of course for Manu it isn’t a big thing but for Jose it is

  8. ESPN FC at it again. Anti Jose agenda. "He shouldnt be here to begin with". He hasnt had ONE summer window. Theyre already judging him! inspite of the injuries.

    Viewers. Take their opinions with a pinch of salt!

  9. Ale Montero is very angry and full of hate for Mourinho. ESPN FC members are a disgrace towards someone who has done so much in Football.

  10. Didnt Potch lose 20 some odd games last season. Mourinho isnt the one to blame here what we are seeing is the legacy of potch and Levy

  11. 2:13 this is such a bad analysis. Those first few weeks were good because he had a squad to work with. A team with superstars. The reason the results havent worked out is because hes working with an incomplete team. Reminder that even under poch Tottenham have won ONE game without Kane or Son. This is just an insane situation. ESPN FC is not gonna look good when Mou wins prem next season.

  12. Guys let's forget all these questions. Jose's tactics belong in the mesum where we keep ancient things. People will always say he took spurs when they were 14th. Under him, spurs can't put together four coherent passes. When you students start teaching you how to solve simple maths equations, man you need to think twice, review your notes or leave that profession.

  13. i wish this was live so viewers can call and ask the panelists questions. I love ESPN but when Panelists criticize without looking at the whole picture, i feel sad for ESPN. Moreno's comments about MOU is stupid. And i feel sad to hear him speak. very disappointed

  14. “captain deflecto” these pundits make me sick the bastards are sharing 1 brain cell between them, lucky stevie wernt on this one or i may have blown my own brains out


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