What are some effective ways and drills to improve your tennis serve?

Before trying to change the technique of the serve, the player must change their mental image if it’s not correct.

The video above shows how the lady most likely has an incorrect mental image of how she wants to serve the ball and therefore her technique reflects that. She must have a clear idea on how to serve first before she can improve her technique.

There are also two serving drills suggested in the video – the “dangling racquet” drill and the drills which I’ve posted before:

How to improve the speed of your serves:

Learn to hit across the ball:

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  1. Does the racket drop due to inertia or that I let my arm loose and wait for it drop and then I do the swing?

  2. Also pay particular attention to that last part of what he says here. Don't force the ball into the direction you want it to go. The angle of the racket face going out and down straight out in front in relation to your body will give it the topspin and kick you want. Relax throughout and fell comfortable before, during and after each serve. Landing after taking off into that 'bird in flight' motion in a graceful/natural way is a beautiful thing. Practice, practice, practice! Keep in mind a lot of people practice over and over again but are doing it all wrong. Only practice the correct, smooth and relaxed serve after you got it right, lol!

  3. Getting the form and timing right is the critical thing. Do one thing. Put the racket aside and practice standing with that slightly sideways stance at the baseline. Pretend you're serving with the ball in your non racket hand. First get the weight transfer right. Start on either foot and slowly shift your weight back and forth. When you get a nice rhythm, decide which foot you're going to start your serve motion with. Once you do that toss the ball straight up and to the front a bit at 10/11 o'clock. When the ball reaches its peak and as it's descending your weight should now be on the front foot or getting there. Now reach up and 'catch' it with the same tossing hand,w/o having to shift from your position. Doing this repeatedly you'll reach a level of proficiency where you'll catch the ball perfectly every time as you're leaning into the serve. All during this time your racket arm ought to be bent at the elbow behind your back and ready to reach up. Next step swing the racket arm just after you catch the ball each time. The serve will be more fluid and give you a higher percentage. Cheers!

  4. Im not far from 30 and have ALWAYS wanted to be able to enter local club games, so after watching your turorials for serving, i've just bought a bunch of cheap tennis balls to go practice your serve drills XD.
    I figure 30min to start off with, and it feels a bit weird going just your self though.

    Also, in general would you suggest a 1 on 1 or a group lesson for when first starting out?

  5. In an earlier video it appeared that the arm was at 45 degrees to the baseline on the toss and here the arm is parallel. Is the 45 degree just a starting point for learning the serve technique and then learn to go parallel later?

  6. Best Explanation n Directly to d point.thks Thomas. You are a Great Coach.Hope to see you back Singapore for Coaching again.

  7. Honestly, honestly ive been looking at serve videos for years and this on is by far the BEST EXPLAIN tion ever!!!!!..going to grab my hopper and my pure storm gt and let her rip!!!. Ill keep posted with results..I love you man!! Great great video

  8. Fantastic explanation, I´m always looking to improve my serve, and its the best explanation I´ve found, hope to be able to develop it for me . thx

  9. I feel that this style of presenting, where we see an amateur's mistakes corrected, is very useful. I hope more coaches take up this style, because it's like holding a mirror to most of us amateurs. So many club players do the very thing described in this video, where the serving action is focused toward the net, while it should be towards the sky for spin. This simple reminder has done more to reduce faults for me than the thousands of tennis videos analyzing the Federer serve.


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