In this podcast we have the pleasure of speaking with Illya Marchenko about his career on the ATP tour. 
He speaks with us about his cancelled tournaments due to the pandemic and gives us an insight on what its like to play some of the best players in the game!

1:22 Skip Intro
2:16 Bergamo Challenger Final Cancelled
4:31 Ukrainian Tennis
7:02 Tournament Finals
8:52 Playing Nadal in Doha
13:19 4th Round US Open 16
20:49 Tough times on Tour
23:59 Players Fund, Prize Money
29:04 Playing the great players
31:20 Which player do you enjoy watching?

Kyrgios diving shot winner vs Marchenko at US Open 2016:

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  1. Genuinely class insight. My money is on you Jaron with that “big” serve. Keep up the good content lads! Very Enjoyable

  2. Good to hear an honest opinion about Thiem and about players funding other players. Total respect to Marchenko

  3. Amazing interview guys! Great to see the more human side of a tennis player, and I never knew Marchenko was such funny guy!


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