Be prepared to argue in the comments on my definition of lame.

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Smash Ultimate Menu Theme
Unfounded Revenge and Smashing Song of Praise (Mother)
The Hero goes Forth with a determination (Dragon Quest) [Ultimate]
Battle Tower theme (Pokemon Sword/Shield)
Molgera (Legend of Zelda) [Ultimate]
Mario Tennis Aces Title Theme

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  1. little z, i found a challenge you should do for the next you do a "if i lose i have to watch" challange, play either terry or ryu/ken, if you play terry & u lose u have to watch the fatal fury motion picture movie, & if you play ryu/ken "most likely not lol" & you lose you have to watch the street fighter movie

  2. "Lucas isn't lame because B-air"
    This sums up how I play Lucas and I don't know how to feel about it

  3. "And when are you gonna play against a Lucario? No one plays this characters"

    Me: cries in Lucario Main

  4. I would say that all characters are equal and this video is shit
    But Simon is shit so u made a good choice

  5. Me tries this challenge (but since I’m not a YT I would just stop playing)

    Also me: gets sonic straight away

  6. LOL i think its really funny how mario says so long big bowser. but pretty much everyone heard so long gay bowser

  7. Little Z should do a video where he plays lame characters and if he loses he has to watch a lame movie or something


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