Find out what the number 1 serve mistake is at the recreational level! Nick breaks down why this bad habit is occurring and offers a solution on how to fix it 👉

How to train on a Tennis Wall?
One of the most underutilized ways to practice tennis. In this video, you will find easy to replicate drills for the tennis wall. These drills will improve your footwork, reflexes, consistency and, timing. Many top professional players learned the fundamental elements of their tennis games on the wall. This includes players such as Federer, Wozniacki, Navratilova, Stich, Ivanovic and many others…



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📺 Forehand Technique:
📺 Backhand Technique:
📺 Serve Technique:


📺 Pronation on the serve:
📺 Leg drive on the serve:
📺 Racquet drop variations:
📺 Watch the ball?
📺 How to aim in tennis?



✅ Creator Of The Intuitive Tennis Teaching Method
✅ USPTR Professional With 25 Years Of Experience
✅ Former Top 20 Junior In Germany
✅ Former 2. Bundesliga Player (DTK Dortmund)
✅ Number 37 NCAA Divison 1
✅ 3 Time Ohio Valley Conference Player Of The Year
✅ Murray State University Athletic Hall Of Fame Inductee
✅ Number 1 Ranked Player In Florida (Men’s Open & Men’s 30’s)
✅ 2 Time Florida State Champion (Men’s 30, 35)
✅ 2 Time National Clay Court Championship Finalist (Men’s 30’s)




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  1. Thanks! Really hlepful nowadays. I have been hitting the wall for more than 6 weeks now. This video is my training routine now. BTW, you made it look so easy.

  2. Really appreciate the sequence of drills one can use. Helpful right now when a backboard is basically all one can use! Thank you!

  3. Anyone who actually plays tennis will know that hitting the wall is the worst practice possible especially for beginners who are still looking to develop muscle memory for their form… the trajectory of the ball is different… am surprised a “tennis coach” would recommend that to people… but then I look at the news and realise there’s a president who suggested ingesting disinfectant to cure coronavirus…

  4. Thanks for this helpful video. The only one issue I have with it is that it promotes the "No pain, no gain" idea. The ancient system of Ayurveda promotes the principle of exercising at 50% of your capacity, and when you are fully comfortable at that level you may then increase to 50% of your new capacity for exercise. I find that concept more beneficial to my performance and my health.

  5. I may practice in my house on a wall. I can at least do small volleys or something, without breaking a window.

  6. Disclaimer: Hitting off one bounce is very challenging. and most rec players should be hitting off two bounces to improve their technique. A court is 78 feet, x 2 that's 156 feet. You hit against the wall you're not hitting a realistic ball as you have much more time in a baseline rally as the ball is returning here at half the distance than a match (baseline to baseline). It's great practice hitting quickly for return of serves, or volleys coming at you quickly, but most rec players hit the ball even later than usual hitting against the wall for the baseline. So instead of improving their stroke, they are actually making their strokes mechanics worse. Good video, good basic nothing fancy but gets the job done ^_^.

  7. That‘s a really helpfull video. I wanted to play Tennis in the Summer, but thanks to Covid 19 I can‘t get on a court.

  8. You can use an indoor racquetball court but it's a little bit tricky and you have to be careful. Very fast. I only do it in the winter because that's the only option here in Michigan.

  9. The colour of the wall should be the same as colour of tennis balls used to provide the least contrast between the ball and the wall

  10. Running drills are doable even for a non competitive middle aged person like me. Mine is down-the line FH, crosscourt FH, down-the-line BH, crosscourt BH, repeat. I am over 50, not a pro, not competitive anything. Of course you've got to keep the angles within your limits. The guy in the video would do ten of these on his first attempt.

  11. One question: is the wall court dimension of 1 half of regular single court (in leght ) and as wide as a regular single pitch?

  12. I wanna learn the sport but I'm practicing alone (lockdown) and can't seem to get my forehand hand right


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