If you want to learn how to serve in tennis with correct technique, then follow these 7 steps that guide you through proper technical progressions.

You’ll learn proper serve stance, how to find a continental grip, how to learn the pronation through two swing paths, how to coordinate both arms so that the tennis serve toss and the backswing work in harmony, how to generate the most power through the racquet lag and what’s the key to a proper follow-through on the serve.

The last part of learning how to serve in tennis shows you drills that help you find the fluid motion again if you lost it while you were practicing only small parts of the complete tennis serve.


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  1. Am I the only one that thought that ServeMaster was something COMPLETELY different? 😀

    Thanks for this video! My tennis teacher just tried to teach me this swing in one take and I felt handicapped trying to even hit the ball. Watching this video I at least understand the theory behind it. I'll try to gradually learn the steps in practice while keeping my flat serve for matches for the time being (just started playing last year).

  2. Thomas gotta tell u … U r the best tennis teacher on YouTube … Far better than essentialtennis, DTL, and others !!

  3. I am watching it for the second time and I`ll be watching again and again, till my serve become better. Really helpful lesson. Thank you!

  4. The best serve instruction I've ever seen, I already know how to serve but this one tells me lots of details on how and why. Thanks so much.

  5. Wish this video showed a final, complete serve. As the instructor mentions he tends to over exaggerate motions for learning.

  6. Brilliant instruction and video. Truly one of the best ever. Very easy to understand with examples, demonstration, slow motion, repetition, and what to avoid comments. Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you for the video. I don't know why I am having shoulder pain just after 20-30 serves. I need to do the steps right maybe. Also the muscles take time to memorize new steps.

  8. had to ff in 5:55 just to see if I was doing it right 😛 I thought maybe you had to bounce it, because I just toss it like that.

  9. Yes, ok, BUT… My biggest problem is to impact the ball at the sweetspot, the center of the racket, with a fast swing. Usually, if i do not complete miss it, the impact point can be the top or bottom edge! Any suggestion on how to develop the right timing for a correct impact point at max speed?


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