In today’s video article you’ll learn how to find the right amount of relaxation and firmness in your strokes as well as how to find the right amount of rotation and linear extension in your strokes.

While at first glance these two dilemmas seem to be quite different, you will see that they are very much compatible.

The reason why we have to look into these extremes is because you could be too loose or too tense when hitting your groundstrokes in tennis.

You could also be over-rotating and swinging too much across the ball or you could be pushing the ball too much in a straight line without much body rotation.

In order for our tennis forehands & backhands to work well – meaning we get power AND accuracy, we need to find the right combination between relaxation & firmness and between rotation & linear extension.

This week’s video article gives you two simple ideas that help you achieve that ideal mixture.

What I am explaining in this article is how I feel the transition of relaxation to firmness in my strokes and how I visualize the swing path.


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  1. Luv this topic Tomaz…your courses at web are tailor made…specific and biomechanically engineered…🤙

  2. I have been playing all my life, taking many classes, but your videos are the best. They should be a must for everyone. So clear and wise!! many thanks

  3. I tried this yesterday. Wow, there is a big difference in consistency. Also, it's easier to get effortless power as you just rotate faster instead of trying to muscle the ball or swinging the arm faster. Thank you!

  4. As usual, a sound technical explanation that is simple to understand. However, would you suggest that the straight-line path of the stroke is a bit from the forward movement of the body stepping out? Thanks

  5. I have to copy Subbu's comment as I agree 100%. "Tomaz, you are soo good at picking topics that we don't even think about and explaining them so clearly that I am eager to go out and try this out NOW! Thank you!"

    His videos have really helped improve my game.

  6. as my first coach used to say: you need to be in a state of relaxed tension. meaning, youre mind has to be aware, but your body relaxed.

    the second part is my insight 😉

    think of federer shaking his hair away or stroking it. thats when he tried to get back to calmness, because he notices hes tense. i think this is crucial to tennis AND of course to life. the people who are too tense either get injuries or fail to win consistently.

  7. Hi, for casual play with friends, what kind of balls shall i buy? can i buy the training ball? coz i think the competition balls is a bit fast .

  8. Hoe can i keep playing relaxed and swing my arm like whip while playing against a wall? The timing gets harder against a wall, so i play firm all the time.

  9. Great lesson again. But it would be perfect if another critical factor – LIFT – is mentioned along the 3 dimensional Circular -Linear – Circular Path

  10. Tomaz you're the best…I learned so much from you till now…after your advice I play my best Tennis during a match and beat all run all others down. You made me mentally strong. Thank you so much for it. Your biggest fan from Germany.


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