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In this video, taken from the Coach Q&A section of our flagship Table Tennis University course, Coach Li answers a TTU student’s question on how to transfer your bodyweight on your forehand strokes to achieve maximum power.

This video is a free preview from our flagship Table Tennis University course, taught by professional Chinese table tennis player and coach Tao Li.

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Who is Coach Tao Li?

A former professional Chinese player, he trained and competed with some of the best players in China during his era and is a former Chinese national champion and sought after coach. His coaching has positively impacted thousands of players worldwide.

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  2. To the confused little kids thinking that he is moving his body left. First of all, knowing some physics really helps to understand TT principles, wow. Let's continue.
    It is because of the angle this clip had shot. If you hold your one leg steady while the other leg and the body turn towards the steady leg, you body is moving forward when the ball contacts. If you turn that steady leg, you will be just rotating around your own vertical axis. Basic superposition. You can create variety by changing the rotation speed, bat angle, arm trajectory etc… When you learn more about angular momentum, you will understand more things like why is the other arm kept close to the body.

  3. Whenever i try to lift the ball it either goes out of table or it goes to net. What should i do as thi troubles me a lot

  4. I use stag official bat can i do forehand top spin reply me fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  5. i find i sometimes i change grip between the forehand and back hand . i hold the bat shakehand style. i tend to like to extend my finger 45• degrees up the blade. i actually like holding like that but find my play between backhand and forehand suffers however i believe if i could somehow stick my finger permanently so it doesnt move i could learn quite quickly how to do a backhand holding the bat like this. could i superglue or stick a small wooden block there so my finger rests in place. what do you think about this? i notice that timo boll and waldner occasionally have their finger at around the same degree as me and it doesnt seem to hinder their play. Should they be doing this is this ok? Also any other proffessionals play with their finger extended further up the bat? thankyou. (sorry if there are spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes as these are the result of me misplacing my eye glasses .thanks

  6. dani andreew After coaching now for 40 years all i can say to your comment about him moving to his left instead of foreward is you have it right.YES YES YES YES

  7. Coach, about the forehand power, whenever i hit the ball at the same time, my lower body goes back and my upper body goes front, its like my body is automatically avoiding the ball, what can i do to make it stop?

  8. Coach Can u Clear my doubt about ,is their a difference between forehand loop and forehand topspin ,if their is any any kind of difference please tell me

  9. hello. my problem is , i dont understand which shot should i hit to overcome the backspin chop. Can you suggest me a shpt to overcome this problem

  10. Nikola, eto otjem lechko ot igrat jewo. U newo jest garoshoi Forehand? Prosto igrai jewo na backhand. Poproboi jemu tak zdelat, sjhto jemu predetsa ispolzowat backhand. 😉 A jesli on napodaiet na prawoi storonu, prosto zakroj swoiu raketku Nikola, this is very easy. Just try to get the advantage, by playing him on backhand. If he plays forehand on right side, then just close your bat angle a bit, so you can block it. Try to close it the way, that it will go right.

  11. Hi again 😀 Ever since I started playing table tennis regulary I am playin gwith the same opponent (my friend). And he have really good forehand. I am trying to make it hard for him to play forehand but it is very very hard. Every time he make a heavy smash he makes the ball goo on my right side and I can never return his smash with forehand and if I succeed in positioning myself to return it with backhand the ball not always goes on the table. How can I counter him and make it hard for him ?


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