This instructional video is a useful time-saver that will enable you to get good at tennis. Watch our bite-size tutorial on How To Learn The Forehand In Junior Tennis from one of Videojug’s industry leaders.

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  1. You're only half way there in your instruction. I've been teaching kids for over 10 years. Now my Peewees are top high school players. You're missing racquet face down, show me your butt cap, and swing and catch with non-dominant hand. If you use this technique, your kids will learn topping from the beginning!

  2. Check out an article seen in a recent Wall Street Journal to further support how wrong johnnyViDeO is on his assessment of the errors in this forehand video.."Don't Try This at Home Why it's a mistake to try to emulate the bigger, stronger, faster pros."

  3. In Yandell's book, 'Visual Tennis,' you'll see a very similar technique to the forehand,which you see here in this video.

  4. I really hate when idiots like Johnny, who might know a little and might know only one way to teach spout this garbage. I teach, been doing it for quite a while and I can successfully teach a variety of techniques. Please simply refer to John Yandell's book Visual Tennis. You'll see there, the Tennis One founder, support different techniques for teaching. Your narrow thinking is the essence of what's wrong with our sport, but please keep teaching 4 yr olds the way you described here.

  5. Subject should NOT stand side-on to the ball as that destabilizes the footwork. The feet should be almost parallel to the net and the UPPER BODY should twist clockwise and then untwist to follow up after making contact with the ball. Watch pros. Nobody stands perpendicular to the net on the forehand, but they plant their feet and twist their upper body then uncork it.


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