Learn how to generate spin on your serves and what effect it will have on your opponent’s bat. We also give you some challenges so you can test yourself to see how much spin you are getting on your serves.

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Good luck with your table tennis.

Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario

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  1. Thanks for watching. If you enjoy this video then take a look at the following tutorials we have made on serving and receiving: https://www.pingskills.com/categories/serving-and-receiving

  2. Watching you Alois brings back such old memories and makes me interested in playing once again. Those pennant nights down at the old Albert Park, junior squads and tournaments were fun.

    If my memory serves me correctly 43+ years ago, you learnt from Robbie.

    Great to see you've continued your love of the game and looking here & your website have made it a integral part of your life.

    Congrats. 😎

  3. one of my opponents has some great long underspin-sidespin serves that are impossible to return. i tried blocking them but the ball just fell to my side. i can only return them with topspin strokes but then he will destroy me with this backhand (its almost as strong as otto's from pongfinity). how do i beat this guy?

  4. Amazing video as it is, I also firmly recommend this one – 4 killer serves to destroy your opponents (with Craig Bryant) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuXKHxRcRbQ

  5. How much should tt table grip the spin? What should be the optimum bounce and more importantly, the tackiness of the table surface?

  6. When going for an extremely short serve with heavy backspin, I feel like I have to pass my racket completely under the ball and flick upwards, contacting the FRONT of the ball ("7 or 8" on the clock you have there) to avoid sending it too far. Do you do anything similar for that kind of serve or am I imagining things?


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